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Building Views

 Explanation of what the activity was.

We had to get into partners(I went with Claire). So you got this sheet and there was a grid on it and it was a 4 x 4and there was mini 4 x 4 but they had numbers in them. Then we were given some cubes so we could build it 3D. when we thought we had got the answer we would draw it out on our books. After we finished that sheet we got another sheet but this time it was that we had to put the 3D shapes into 2D numbers. we also had to find the minimum of blocks, the maximum and how many variations. And we also had to do one with just 15 blocks. Then after we did all of that on paper we had to do it on the laptop there was a front view, a back view, a left view and a right view we could also use a x-ray tool to see what was in the middle of the square. on the laptop you had to start at 3×3 and then when you were comfortable doing the 3×3 you would move on to the 4×4 and once you were comfortable with the 4×4 you would move on to the highest 5×5.

What strategies did you use to find the maximum and minimum amounts of each building?

Claire and i’s strategies were to do it with the blocks. we started by doing the 15 blocks because we both thought it was the easiest way of finding out the minimum and the maximum. then once we did the 15 blocks we just took away some of the blocks to make the minimum and the opposite for the maximum.

What did you find challenging?

I found challenging trying to find the minimum because you would have to move the blocks then take a few and I just found it really confusing.

What did you learn?

I learnt while doing building views that it is easier to make things in 3D from 2D than it is 3D to 2D.

Abi Ramsey • August 28, 2018

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