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Lost Princess

In the Lost Princess there was four characters, three where real scenarios and one was a fictional. The lost princess movie was about not sharing your password and not trusting random people that talk to you on the internet and don’t share your information with them.

Charlotte had been hiding her messages from her parents and she was sharing personal information with someone she did not know. And she was going to meet a person that she did not know and they could of done something bad to her if Charlotte’s mum did not look at her phone.

This negatively affected Charlotte’s life because she gave the stranger her number and they started annoying her by texting her nearly every minute and then she was going on her phone to much and her she did not spend as much time with her family.

Charlotte’s mum helped the situation by taking her phone from her and looking at Charlotte’s messages from a stranger after that charlotte got a new phone number and any information the stranger had about her.

She could have told her parents that a stranger was trying to meet her and they were getting all of her personal information and they would had helped the situation that Charlotte was in.

I took away from Charlotte’s story that if a stranger on the internet is bothering me I should tell some that could help me before it is to late like Charlotte.



Abi Ramsey • August 16, 2018

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