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Passion Project #Reflect

Did you achieve what you originally set out to do? – No because I didn’t get to put the lace overlay on the dress so  now I have a white dress.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? – Well on the skirt bit of the dress I challenged with the pockets because I would keep on accidentally sewing them together and I did that with both pocket and when I tried to gather the skirt bit the cotton would just snap so I had to do pleats. but with the top part of the dress I got it perfect on the first try witch I was so happy about and the skirt ended out alright.

  How did you overcome the challenges? – My mum helped me think of the pleat idea and with the pockets I just had to unstitch them.

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project? – I think that I could learn how to sew on lace a bit better because I thought it was to hard to put the lace on the dress and I kept on trying but it just wouldn’t work (that’s why I left out the lace😭) and by doing this I think I could get better at making clothes because this was my first time making a piece of clothing.

Abi Ramsey • June 18, 2018

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