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Win At The Fair!

So when we were given this task Mr Henderson gave us a losing board, we had to collect some data to see how much money we were making a losing. This is the losing board and the data for it.


Then we had to make a creative version we could put black hols, ladders and snakes from snakes and ladders and we could change the way of the numbers on the dice. me and sienna chose to put a ladder, a black hole and we changed the way of the numbers on the dice. This is what we did for our creative version.

Then we had to try to make a board that would make money. This is our version of the version that would make money.

we thought that by putting the $20 on the board people would go to our board and by putting the $20 dollars at the bottom of the board it would not get chosen the most because on the losing boards data the $5 got chosen less than the other money.

these are the first and the last tallies of our board.

Even thought it was not consistent it made money.

Abi Ramsey • June 5, 2018

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