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Digital Etiquette

Netiquette = Means that you have etiquette on the internet. Flaming/flame wars = Means that you are having a argument online and a flame war is when you fight back at a mean comment. Trolls =  A troll is someone that tries to make a argument on the internet. Anonymous =  Anonymous means that you are…

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THINK Online

  T- Is it true. I think that it has to be true because you can not lie on social media because a lot of people look on it and that might give a false impression on someone. H- is it helpful. I think you have to be helpful because you help other people and…

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Passion Project Updates

this is my passion project update Term 2 number 1 this video is about what I have been doing with my dress. This is a video of my progress. P.S  Sorry if i say Fabric to many times.  

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