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Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

I think that Birke Baehr’s main message in his TED talk is that you should try and go organic because cows, pigs and much more animals are being made to eat this food and its not good for them and that animals that you eat should be eating real grass and should be rolling in the mud all day.

Birke got his message to his audience by having lots of pictures to show what’s happening to the animals and he use lots of humour [ tomato fish🤣].

Birke used a mic that was on his shirt so audience could hear him better he also used the projector to show the audience the photos of what happens to the animals and the farmer that does do organic animals.

Birke used lots of expression in his voice and his face and defiantly used his hands [maybe a bit to much].

Abi Ramsey • April 25, 2018

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