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Richard Turere’s TED Talk

The main message in Richard Turere’s TED Talk is a big problem can only take  a small thing to fix it. In his TED talk he said he was at night walking past the paddock with his torch and he didn’t see any of the animals that kept killing the cows but then he realized that it was his torch that was keeping them away so he just used the parts from his torch and his mums radio.

Richard got his message to the audience by being serious at the right times but having a joke in the middle. And he added a joke that everyone would find funny probably even his Mum.

Richard used the projector really well to show people what is actually happening he also used a mic to project his voice.

Richard moved around the stage, he did hand gestures and he made everyone laugh at his joke because everyone would think that it is funny.


Abi Ramsey • April 23, 2018

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