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Tomas Suarez’s TED Talk

The main message in Tomas’s TED talk was that anyone can do anything especially kids, older people  say wait till your older and you will know much more, but he has explored further.

Thomas got his message to the audience by explaining what he has done to make his apps and helping other people to do the same thing.

He used his IPad to look at notes of what he was going to say, the board behind him to show what some of the apps look like of what he made [ and the controller for the board to put up the pictures] and he also got to use a micro phone to make his voice louder for the audience to hear him.

For the audience to be more entertained Thomas used hand gestures, he moved around the stage a bit and he added some humour that everyone would relate to.

Abi Ramsey • April 17, 2018

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