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Shotgun microphones

In this film school session we learnt about shotgun mic’s. I thought that these mic’s were really coon because they can give out really clear audio in close up shots.

Wireless Microphones

In this film school session we learnt about wireless mic’s. I thought that it was so cool that one box connects to the other.

Editing Softwear

In this film school session we all learnt how to use Adobe Premiere. Before today I had not only used it before I didn’t even know what it was.

Shotlists & Storyboards

In this Film school Session we learnt about Shotlists & Storyboards, before todays clinic I did not know about Shotlists.

Royalty Free Music

In todays film school clinic we focused on Royalty free music. this was really fun and I now know what websites to go on to get music.  

Zoom Camera

In Film School today we learnt about the Zoom cameras. My favourite part of the Zoom Camera is the big sponge on top of the microphones and they are to stop most of the loud sounds/wind noises.  

Audio Booths

In the session of film school we learnt about the Audio booths. I have all ready used the Audio Booths a lot before this but these are the things you need to do in the Audio Booths .  

Camcorder Clinic

Today in Film school the did the Camcorder Clinic. The two main things I learnt were how to use the tripod and camera. We also learnt the angles that we can use in making a film.

Presenting your piece to camera

In today’s Film school session we did Presenting your piece to camera. I found it very hard to look right into the camera while talking into it and memorising the tongue twister at the same time.  

Point and shoot camera

In today’s Film school session we did Point and shoot camera. We learnt most of the ways to take a photo.

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