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Session 1

On Tuesday year 5 started a app called Scratch. First we had to create a new folder called scratch tutorials. We had to put some tutorials in there that’s where we learn how to do things on scratch. The first program I tried to do was a farm this is what it looks like.

I made a pig, a cow, a chicken and a worm we had to make 4 costumes for all of them. On the tutorials it started to make a script a script is like giving instructions on what to do and how to do it. This is the script I used to make the pig change costumes.

the first button is to make the whole program work. I have learnt that the repeat button will only repeat how many times the number you put in the little box next to the repeat.

This is what each stage looks like


Session 2

Created a account

First this week we made a new account I called myn Monty_moo.

Dance Studio

Next we created a dance studio this is what it does.

Session 3

Today in scratch we were doing the ten block challenge, the ten block challenge is when you are given ten blocks and you can only use those ten blocks you can use the bocks as many times as you want. It was challenging because I really wanted to use another block but I couldn’t.

Session 4

This week we started 2 projects build a band and It’s Alive. Build a band is when you create a band that has your type of music in it like I like the song waves in myn because that’s my favourite song so I put that in there.

Abi Ramsey • July 23, 2017

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  1. Mrs Watson November 18, 2017 - 10:33 am Reply

    In session 3, you said that you really wanted to use another block but it wasn’t one of the ten you could use. How did you overcome this challenge? What bocks did you use instead? Did it still work the way you wanted it to?

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