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Session 1

Today  in maths we did Microworlds. Our challenge was to make a four sided shape, I was trying to make a kite.

It is hard to line up a corner to a side because the side that you want to join to the corner had to go be the perfect measurement because the line would either go to the inner of the corner or the outer of the corner.


Session 2

Today we were trying to make our initials. At the start we started just doing lines of our initials. But some of us moved on to block writing I didn’t get up to that bit yet. the hardest part was measuring the line In the middle because you had to get it the right length. And we learnt how to setpos [that means in Microworlds the space yo want to put the turtle instead of moving the turtle.] I also learnt how to do a circle you have to put in repeat 360 [ fd 1 rt 1] if you want to make the circle bigger you just add the number that you want to the fd and keep the rt 1 there.

Abi Ramsey • May 24, 2017

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  1. Mrs Watson June 5, 2017 - 5:22 pm Reply

    Session 1:
    What do you know about the angles on the paper kite you made that would help you find the angles for this kite?

    What do you know about the side lengths? Are any of the sides congruent? How might this help?

    I look forward to your next post on this. Remember to snip the turtle drawing and your coding.

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