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mini machine workshops

Session 1 [Lego]

Today year five all started our mini sessions on what we could use on our Rube Goldberg machines. 5b were with Mrs Watson. Our challenge was to make a machine with Lego; we also had instructions how to make whatever machine we got given. My group were making the zigzag inclined plane, it was quite hared finding the long peace’s because the peace’s that we found were either to long or to short. At the end of this session, we joined our machine to other group’s machines

. [near the start]


Session 2 [pullies]

Today, we made pullies out of string, wire yoghurts cups & spoils. First had to tie a piece of wire on to a spoil then we did the same thing again. We needed a wire in a hooked shape hang the pullie on to the door hang it on. It was very hard because the string kept on falling of the spoils. This helps us with Rube Goldberg because you could get a marble to go into the pullie and on the other side let another marble roll out and hit something.


Session 3 [Kenex]

Today we did Kenex we had to have an axle. My group made a carousal the working machine was the cog. This will tras port thing for vthe Rube Goldberg challenge.

Abi Ramsey • May 14, 2017

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  1. Mrs Watson June 5, 2017 - 5:31 pm Reply

    What simple machines were involved in your Lego model? What was their purpose? How did they effect the transfer of movement (energy)?

    How did the axle and cog wheels interact in your machine? What was their purpose? What effect did their movement have?

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