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Robotics EV3

Session 1

Today we had our first robotics session. We had to make a robot out of Lego and we were given a instruction booklet how to construct the robot. There were various piece’s which attached to the motor to allow it to go forward’s and backwoods motion. The hardest part was finding the right length of the wire and attaching it to the robot.

The instructions were difficult to follow, because while you read the instructions you had to find the correct piece. If you constructed the incorrect piece while following the instructions the robot stand would not go together.

I found the easiest part, was putting on the Robot on the Lego stand because you had to just clip it on.

Session 2

Today we were trying to draw a picture of our robot then we had to label the drawing and what that part does.

Session 3 

Today we were given the challenge to make the robot go up and down in seconds, rotations and degrees. I found seconds easier because you keep on guessing how many seconds until you find the right number.

Session 4 

At the start of this session I was just finishing the up and down challenge. Then we were given the challenge to make a square with our robot we had to think about how long we needed the robot to go and how much turn we needed. Muyn went for 2 seconds and 60 degrees turn.

The challenges:

up and down challenge [seconds, rotations and degrees] *

the baseball diamond*

start to first point to second point and then to first point the*

colour sensor up and down*

colour sensor in a square*

touch sensor*

ultrasonic sensor





Abi Ramsey • May 8, 2017

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  1. Mrs Watson May 24, 2017 - 12:19 pm Reply

    Following visual instructions can be challenge. Well done for working hard and completing this task.

    A tip for your next post:
    Include a photo.

  2. Mrs Watson June 5, 2017 - 5:35 pm Reply

    Session 3:
    How did you get the EV3 to complete Challenge #1?
    What was the difference between using seconds, rotations and degrees?

    Can you please upload a screencast explaining the symbols and numbers on your bricks and how they will effect the EV3’s performance.

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