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DC Cartoon

In todays DC class we looked at three pictures to do with some one on technology, and at first we found it funny but when we all explained it we found it not as funny as was at the start. ~ I didn’t really find it funny. ~ I think the message of this picture…

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Passion Project #Reflect

Did you achieve what you originally set out to do? – No because I didn’t get to put the lace overlay on the dress so  now I have a white dress. What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? – Well on the skirt bit of the dress I challenged…

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Win At The Fair!

So when we were given this task Mr Henderson gave us a losing board, we had to collect some data to see how much money we were making a losing. This is the losing board and the data for it.    Then we had to make a creative version we could put black hols, ladders…

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Digital Etiquette

Netiquette = Means that you have etiquette on the internet. Flaming/flame wars = Means that you are having a argument online and a flame war is when you fight back at a mean comment. Trolls =  A troll is someone that tries to make a argument on the internet. Anonymous =  Anonymous means that you are…

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THINK Online

  T- Is it true. I think that it has to be true because you can not lie on social media because a lot of people look on it and that might give a false impression on someone. H- is it helpful. I think you have to be helpful because you help other people and…

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Passion Project Updates

this is my passion project update Term 2 number 1 this video is about what I have been doing with my dress. This is a video of my progress. P.S  Sorry if i say Fabric to many times.  

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

I think that Birke Baehr’s main message in his TED talk is that you should try and go organic because cows, pigs and much more animals are being made to eat this food and its not good for them and that animals that you eat should be eating real grass and should be rolling in the…

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Passion Project

For My Passion Project i will be making a dress. The reason i want to make a dress for my passion project is because i am crafty and i like making my own clothes because no one else will have the same piece of clothing as me. In my video i will show what you…

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Richard Turere’s TED Talk

The main message in Richard Turere’s TED Talk is a big problem can only take  a small thing to fix it. In his TED talk he said he was at night walking past the paddock with his torch and he didn’t see any of the animals that kept killing the cows but then he realized…

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Tomas Suarez’s TED Talk

The main message in Tomas’s TED talk was that anyone can do anything especially kids, older people  say wait till your older and you will know much more, but he has explored further. Thomas got his message to the audience by explaining what he has done to make his apps and helping other people to…

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