Tinkering/makey makey

Makey Makey

Today in makey makey, me and the people in my group were trying to make a decision what to make with the makey makey kit. We were going to make a piano but we thought of something else a DJ music playing station[like this one].


when you touched the grey spot on the wheeled held onto a cord the station would play a piece of music, we had four wheels each of them had different music.


Today we have started to pull apart one of those digital photo frames and the controller of that, the controller was very hard to pull apart because there was so many tiny screws and they were so tight.

Next we started to pull apart a vacuum cleaner



Session 1

Today in electronics we were given 5 different questions about energy:

What is energy?

Were does energy come from?

What are the different types of energy?

What is energy made out of?

How is energy used?

This is what my page looks like.



we also looked at circuits like this

I was at a lesson for the rest of it.



Today in electronics me and my group did the R2D2 robot this is a video of us doing it.

This is us using it.

In the end we had to take the legs off because it would keep on pushing against the wheels and the wheels wouldn’t move if we had them on.





I think that this spinner will spin onto the white 6 times out of 10 because the white boxes are spread out so the white is not just on one side.

 White Colour
 Experiment 1       5        5    X
 Experiment 2       5        5    X
 Experiment 3        6        4  
 Experiment 4        5        5    X





At the start of last week 10 people were chosen to do sewing I was one of them. We made simple mobiles, a mobile is when you start on a long string and sew [with a sewing machine]  some shapes on and pull the string and sew another shape on and keep on doing that until you do not have any more shapes left. A bit like this one except my one was in a strait line.

The hardest part was cutting out the shapes because I didn’t want a black line showing so it was a bit harder to cut out with a template on top and I kept on forgetting to pull the string out before I started to sew the shapes on.


Draw string bag

Today we started making our draw string bags, we were making our bags for our soma cubes. we had to do the parts, complexities and the purposes all the parts.



Boomerang Bags

Today we have started our Boomerang bags. First we had to find out how much fabric we needed each with out waisting any, then Mrs Watson cut out the pieces we needed and we tried to put all the pieces together so we could do a zig zag stitch on the edge of each piece. After that me and some people were working out how to do the handles we finely got there in the end but we had to do lots of thinking to work it out because we were looking on this sheet of paper witch didn’t really help us much.


Robotics Term 3

Session 1

Today we have started doing the black line challenge. The black line challenge is when your robot follows a black line. But when the robot goes off the black line it will look for the black line then follow it and each time it goes off the black line it will do that.

Image result for black line

The reason it did not follow the line is because I forgot to add a block for one of the motors. Then we had to print out our program so that we could label the bricks, what they do and what they are called.



Session 1

On Tuesday year 5 started a app called Scratch. First we had to create a new folder called scratch tutorials. We had to put some tutorials in there that’s where we learn how to do things on scratch. The first program I tried to do was a farm this is what it looks like.

I made a pig, a cow, a chicken and a worm we had to make 4 costumes for all of them. On the tutorials it started to make a script a script is like giving instructions on what to do and how to do it. This is the script I used to make the pig change costumes.

the first button is to make the whole program work. I have learnt that the repeat button will only repeat how many times the number you put in the little box next to the repeat.

This is what each stage looks like


Session 2

Created a account

First this week we made a new account I called myn Monty_moo.

Dance Studio

Next we created a dance studio this is what it does.

Session 3

Today in scratch we were doing the ten block challenge, the ten block challenge is when you are given ten blocks and you can only use those ten blocks you can use the bocks as many times as you want. It was challenging because I really wanted to use another block but I couldn’t.

Session 4

This week we started 2 projects build a band and It’s Alive. Build a band is when you create a band that has your type of music in it like I like the song waves in myn because that’s my favourite song so I put that in there.

Allegro Day

Today year 5 had allegro day. It was very exciting because we got to hear everyone play there instruments, I was playing the flute. My favourite part was the concert the end because we got to perform to the parents and the teachers. Today we practiced the songs for the concert and we practiced our flute peace called three flying flutes that Mrs Fyffe. It was the best music day I have had and I hope we have another one later in the year.