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Fay’s Nines Refection

We had to have the numbers 1-9 and we could only use them in once in each solution.¬† And they did not need to be unique solutions so if you did this 178+362+459 you could do this one as well 178+352+469, and there where 180 solutions and we had to prove how there is 180…

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Passion Project Term 4 #description

For this terms passion project we had to do it for a family member. I chose my mum because she is such a big part of my life I want to make my passion project her Christmas present. For my mum I will be doing a dot painting of a turtle because we both like…

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Passion Project #Reflection Term 3

Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?¬† Yes I did but I did not take all of the photos myself like I wanted to do. What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? the successes I had towards the end of my project were that I had…

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Ukraine RVE countrys of the world #1

The task was that we had to chose a country and we had to draw there flag and we had to find out different things like there religions, there fashion and what they eat and other things. Things that are different about Ukraine than Australia are: The traditional clothes because they where more fancy cloths….

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Building Views

¬†Explanation of what the activity was. We had to get into partners(I went with Claire). So you got this sheet and there was a grid on it and it was a 4 x 4and there was mini 4 x 4 but they had numbers in them. Then we were given some cubes so we could…

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Passion Project #update Term 3

this is what I have done so far on my passion project.  

Mr G’s Terraforming Clinic

My Planet Is Callisto.

Lost Princess

In the Lost Princess there was four characters, three where real scenarios and one was a fictional. The lost princess movie was about not sharing your password and not trusting random people that talk to you on the internet and don’t share your information with them. Charlotte had been hiding her messages from her parents…

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Passion Project #description T3

This is a video of me explaining what I’m going to do for my Passion Project.

DC Cartoon

In todays DC class we looked at three pictures to do with some one on technology, and at first we found it funny but when we all explained it we found it not as funny as was at the start. ~ I didn’t really find it funny. ~ I think the message of this picture…

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