Passion Project Term 2 – Editing

Wow! I discovered something AMAZING during my editing stage. Something so amazing that it has COMPLETELY changed my perception on how to create short, snappy travel memory films.

My Philippines Holiday film is complete and I can’t wait to share my process with you all next week. I also can’t wait to tell you how little time I actually spent editing my film. I’m really happy with my end result and I’m looking forward to finally editing my Vietnam holiday film (which is my next film project).

I hope your Passion Projects are all going well!


Passion Project Term 2 – Production

I’m going to start this post with one of my biggest challenges – time! I’ve honestly been struggling to find the time to sit with my Phone in a situation where I can let it make some noise! But, my editing is going well and I’m on track to get it finished in the next week or so. I’m actually aiming to have it completed by the Queen’s Birthday holiday, which is two weeks before our due date.

One of the most important things I decided to do was to shortlist my photos. I deleted quite a few of the ‘off-takes’ before I even started importing them into iMovie. If I didn’t do this, I would’ve had lots of collections of this…







Yes, Aali became quite good at stealing my phone and taking selfies of her forehead!

I hope your Passion Projects are all going well. Good luck with your next step… Editing!!!

#production post 🙂

Passion Project Term 2 – Planning

In the past two weeks I have revisited iMovie on my iPhone. The App has gone through quite a few updates since I last used it about a year ago. This picture below is a screenshot from iMovie. It’s of Aali comparing her hand size to Michael Jordan at the NBA Store in Manila. Pretty cute…




While most of my planning time has been spent investigating iMovie, I have also created a short ‘chapter list’ for my film. I don’t need a Shotlist because I won’t be capturing any new footage. Instead, it was important for me to create this chapter list because it will act as a checklist for when I’m cutting my film together. Here is my Chapter List document…

Philippines Film Chapter list – Planning Document-13hcwmo

The next step for me is to transfer all the images and films from Jess’ phone onto mine. She captured moments of our holiday that I didn’t, so I’ll need her footage to make sure this film is as complete as possible. Then I’ll be able to really start the editing process, which I feel will take a while!

Wish me luck! I hope your Passion Projects are going well 🙂


THINK Online

Create a Blog post called ‘THINK Online’ and categorise it as DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP.

Write a sentence or two that introduces the THINK acronym and insert the image underneath your explanation.

Then complete the following statement…

I believe that every interaction online must be:
  • TRUE because
  • HELPFUL because
  • INSPIRING because
  • NECESSARY because
  • KIND because


EXT: Can you create your own acronym (or a different version of THINK) for online behaviour?


Passion Project Term 2 – Description

My Passion Project this term is something that I’ve been meaning to do since the end of January! I’m finally going to create our Philippines Holiday film. Jess, Aali and I travelled to the Philippines in January so that Aali could meet her little cousin, Sebi, who was just 4 months at the time. My brother lives in the Philippines, and my parents were also there at the time of the visit.

The message that I want to include in my film is all about the importance of family. While my film will be created mostly for Jess, Aali and my family, I want it to be entertaining for anyone who watches it. In order to make it interesting for a wider audience, I’ll make sure it is short, upbeat and includes some interesting facts about the places we visited so that other people may be motivated to visit the Philippines.

I’m excited to get this project completed. I’m hoping this will motivate me to also complete our Vietnam Holiday film from last year. I’m also looking forward to editing it in iMovie on my iPhone as I’ve only used this program a couple of times.

Attached is my Passion Project schedule…

Passion Project Schedule – Philippines film

I hope your Passion Project ideas are coming along well!





#description post.

This Week We Are In… Eastern Africa!

Jambo everybody!

Yes, the language is “Swahili” and it’s spoken through a few different countries in Eastern Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and DRC to name a few.

You would already be aware of an awesome Swahili saying… “Hakuna Matata!” Do you remember what it means?

Eastern Africa is an amazing place, particularly if you are interested in wildlife. What kind of animals would you love to see if you visited Africa? And can you tell us anything about them already? Remember to make sure that your animal is actually found in Africa. There’s a sneaky big cat that doesn’t actually live in Africa but he often confuses people!

Sound off below…

This Week We Are In… Malaysia

Selamat Pagi everyone!

Well, actually, this week Malaysia came to us!

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a large group of Malaysian students and teachers. It was an amazing experience and a lovely opportunity to see our students interacting with children from another culture.






What did you learn yesterday? What surprised you? And/or what was one of your favourite moments of the day?

Sound off below…

This week we are in The Philippines!

Mabuhay Year 6’s!

The Philippines is an amazing country, made up of over 7,000 islands!

My brother has been living in the capital city, Manila, for the past few years. He was married there last year, at a place called Tagaytay that is famous for the Taal Volcano (see the image below). The crater is now a lake and you could see the water bubbling from all the heat under the ground. There was also a decent scent of sulphur in the air (which smells like rotten eggs!)

Taal Volcano


Have you ever been up close with a volcano? I’ve actually got an even better volcano story, but you’ll have to wait until we visit Sicily before I share that one with you!

What other facts do you know about The Philippines? Sound off below!

Choice Day

“Choice Day” was an idea created by the “Student Choice and Voice” learning team – Mr Johnston, Mr Colbert and myself.

Ella explains the concept of Choice Day in her reflection blog post…

Choice Day

There were 12 workshops on offer. These are listed below…


Harrison explains his experience during ‘Flight School’…

Choice Day Reflection


Student feedback from Choice Day:
  • I liked working and socializing with kids from other year levels.
  • I think that the day was a great idea and it definitely gave students a choice in their learning.
  • It was really cool to meet new students as well as new teachers and involve our different talents to recreate a drama scene and solve different problems.
Teacher feedback from Choice Day:
  • The students were engaged and really enjoyed themselves. We had some fun firing table tennis balls.
  • I enjoyed getting to know the older students.
  • Let’s do this more often!
  • I wonder how else we might accommodate a type of project time where we could utilize all 4-6 staff so that all the kids can engage in learning of their choice over a more sustained period?


The “Student Choice and Voice” team are looking forward to developing this idea in the future…





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