week 1 robotics

last week my group (Dom, will) and I learnt how to build and program an EV3 Lego robot, it was super fun and challenging, it was challenging because we had never really experienced building and programming a robot, we also got to name our robot, we named it BRUH.
We built it by following instructions from our laptops.                                                                                                                                    It was important to listen so that we followed all the steps in the right order.
Teamwork was another important bit because we needed each other for help and tips.
We each had roles  will was the collector  Dom was taking videos and I was taking photos and building  . we all had a go at  programming we programmed our robot to go left, right, and backwards  and forwards .we made our robot move forward for 3 seconds as well. our group did great  . we will keep programming our robot and working hard