Richard Turere TED Talk

The main messages are that the answer is always not violence and that you can make the problems that are small can fix a big problem

When he was making a joke he would always smile or laugh and that would send us a message across to the audience that they could laugh. Richard also had a slideshow going on so you could see what he was talking about

He used a screen with a slideshow with the really descriptive pictures, a microphone so everyone could hear him even if they were sitting at the back of the crowd

He used Humour, eye contact

My Passion Project

Gymnastics. My passion is gymnastics I am going to make a film on how to do a front sault/flip. I am going to use my trampoline and I will wear my leotard from training and I will use my computer to film. I will show you the skills you need to do the front sault/flip and how to actually do it. I really want to teach someone else how to do it so they can get better at flipping. You can watch my video at any age but mainly aimed at people that want to get better at flips and tricks

Thomas Suarez TED talk

The main messages are it doesn’t matter how old you are you can make a app at whatever age you like. Making apps is fun. You can make a big deal about making apps like you can make an app club at school all you need to do is find time and be excited in making apps and sometimes students are better at technology than adults.

Thomas got the messages into the audience by making them laugh when he said students are better than adults at technology

The technical support he used was his I pad but he barley looked at it and it didn’t have his full script on it it just had the main information and he had a clicker that changed his slides and to show things up

The presentation techniques were very good eye contact and really good voice and language and body language. He didn’t just stay in the one spot he moved around a bit but not so much that he was not on stage.¬†Only a little bit on stumbling words which is ok and he had his I pad on him and didn’t look at it that much and made the audience enjoyed there time listening to him

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