Passion Project #reflection

My idea turned out to be amazing. I love my quote book and it is all hand written and decorated.

Some challenges I faced were trying to find a journal with no lines and how to write and decorate it was quite challenging finding something that I liked.

I found a solution by my mum helping me by looking at a couple of stores to choose the best one. Then the next day I started making my quote book. The book took a bit longer than expected but I did not mind that. My mum is going to proof read it after I have finished to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes.

If I were to continue with this project I would make another book.

Cultures of the World

What we had to do was we had to research a country and write what the flag meant, social behaviours, religion and customs.

The differences are:

The flag is different of course because every countries flag is different. The flag is a white banner whose centre contains a red circle represents the rising sun.

The foods in Japan are really good and also very different. The most famous food in Japan is obviously sushi. What the Japanese do in public is eat while walking. In Japan that is quite rude.

The sports are very different especially Sumo Wrestling. They take it very seriously and very competitive about it. They start professional training at 15 years old.

The similarities are:

The men wear just comforting clothes and business men wear suits just like business men in Australia. In Australia the men just wear any clothes they want just like Japan.

The food in Japan is a bit different but some of it is the same like we have sushi and some other foods.

If I lived in Japan I would definitely love to live there. The thing I would find most difficult is learning the language and trying to understand people. The thing I would find interesting is trying all the foods and trying to get around to all the places. I would definitely live in Japan.

Here is a picture of the investigation I did.




The Lost Princess

The film was about people getting bullied online and she thought that there was a boy as young as her, but he was actually an adult trying to find out all her personal information and going to steal her from her parents and kidnap her basically. What you should do next time is never trust online people unless you meet them in person.

Kieran was definitely addicted to video games and by the age of 15 he had to see a doctor to help him forget about playing video games and now he was trying to take a little girl away from her family and he was lying to the lost princess and then when Kieran went to meet the lost princess and then Kieran went to jail from the concert because its a kid only concert.

They finally ended up resolving the problem by never trusting anyone online even if they lie that they are 13  but they are actually like 40 and there profile picture can most of the time be just means that people could be lying in this world and we need to watch what we do and say.

They could have been a better person and not try to track someone’s personal information down and take them away from their family. You want to be the strong person and not be mean, bully and play games with random people. but don’t try to track people down be the nice one.

The message is to never lie to someone online also never trust someone unless you know them or have met them in person.




Building Views Reflection

The activity was to make and look at 5 buildings which were shown as a table. When I say make I mean we had to make the building on a 4 by 4 grid. Then we had to draw the front and side view of what we could see. To draw the views well for the front view we had to get down onto our knees and look at the building at eye level. I did the same thing for the side view.

The next task was to make a building on the investigation board which these views and uses exactly 15 blocks. Then you need to add blocks one by one to find the maximum. next you need to remove one block at a time to find the minimum. Here are some pictures.






Passion Project #Update

What I have done so far is look up some of my favourite quotes and written those down so I remember them for my book of quotes.

What I have learnt is that it is very important that you take on those quotes and put them into your everyday life because quotes are very important to give you inspiration for your life when your having a bad time in your life

The challenges I have faced are trying to find quotes I like and trying to find a journal with no lines on it because I need to write and draw pictures.

The thing i need to do next is to transfer the quotes onto my journal and draw some pictures then I will be done.


Passion Project Term 3 #description

For my term 3 passion project I have chosen to do a quote book. I will include all my favourite quotes and all of the quotes that inspire me  and read them when I am feeling down or not feeling the best because it will lift my spirits up. The materials I will use are a journal to write all my quotes in and some sharpies and pens and all decorative stuff to use to make it look good and I will get my journal from typo or somewhere where they have good stuff.

Passion Project

I changed my idea a little bit I was originally going to do a film on how to do a front flip but then I think that got to hard so I decided to change it a little bit and just show some of the skills I can do and my friend. The successes I faced was we didn’t have many filming issues and after it didn’t take so much time to edit and my friend helped me to edit. The challenges I faced was finding a day to catch up with my friend because most of the time I’m doing gymnastics and another challenge was the weather because where we live it is freezing cold and raining all the time. I think I could extend by making maybe a harder project or I could make the video a bit longer but I think I did a good job and I am excited for next term.

Here is the video



Win at the Fair

Win at The Fair is a fun maths game. You roll two dice and whatever number you land on there is a direction you counter needs to go. Some places you land on you win money (its not real). Some places you land on have black holes or a major jackpot which is quite hard to get on to but if we did it in a maths program called maths 300 and we tested 1000 games on the laptop. Some people were lucky and got the major jackpot  Here is a picture of the game board.


This game board is not the version we created but this is an example of what the game board looks like. it is a good game when you get the concept and you can add like black holes and once I got 1 place away from the major jackpot.

From the maths 300 I didn’t really know what we were doing because I was away so my friends showed me how to work it and it is a hard but fun game we had to add in our game and all the prizes then we entered 1000 games into the computer and it showed us how many times the people who played landed on and you should have got a profit of 300 was your goal and I think we got really close to that or a bit over. Our first attempt wasn’t very successful because we made a profit of $489. It was ok but every time we improved and we took out 1 of the 0 because people wouldn’t of want to play because you wont win much money. Here is our last attempt.



On the last one we did a bit worse we lost 600 dollars

Our board is the best because we put the jackpot in a hard position were not many people can get to there

Digital Elements

Permission – It means that if you want to take a photo of someone and post it on the internet that you have to ask them if you can post it and if they say no then you don’t post it.

Netiquette – It means respecting other users views and displaying common courtesy when posting your views to online discussion groups. Good behaviour on the internet

Flame Wars – It means when someone says something you don’t like then someone else says something you don’t like then it turns into a big fight with people that you don’t even know then it gets awkward.

Trolls – They are people who send you annoying and mean messages and they constantly do it and it gets annoying and they are hurting your feelings

Communicating Clearly – Not using abbreviation’s, no emoji’s, no caps lock because it looks like you are yelling at someone when your are not

Anonymous – Using another name for your self without their permission and saying you are them.

Once your message is out, it’s out means when someone posts something its out to the world so anyone can see it and comment whatever they feel like saying or want to say and sometimes it can be rude so you have to be careful in what you post and make sure it is appropriate.




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