Little Bits

Today we have done Little Bits. In Little Bits we made a Target and it will go up a score every time you hit the Target. I thought it was quite cool because ewe were basically teaching the teachers instead of them teaching us.




Today in Electronics we have been learning about Parts, Purposes and Complexities. What is Energy?


Energy is power derived from of the utilization of physical or chemical resources especially to provide light and heat or to work machines. It was hard because I did know what energy was but at the same I do.We also learnt where energy comes from, what the different types of energy are and what is energy made up of.


I wasn’t here for the rest


Makey Makey / Tinkering

In Makey Makey we have been making a Lolly Piano. Makey Makey is like Little Bits but not really. Makey Makey has some wires and a motherboard. The motherboard looks like a X Box controller just without the little buttons on it. You have to join the wires to the template and go on the Makey Makey website and you can make stuff there. when making the lolly piano we had to get a box and and we are going to stick lollies on it and when you touch it. It will make a sound. Here is a picture of the lolly piano.

I have been away for other sessions


In tinkering We pulled apart 2 cameras and we are making a DJ. We are using the motherboards and the camera  as the smoke machine and the camera lens as the seat. It is really interesting to pull apart a camera because you never think that a camera can have really cool things in it but it just looks like a camera with nothing inside it

Little Bits

In design we have been playing with this toy called Little Bits. Little Bits are pieces that if you connect to a battery you can play something or make something out of. I made a target game which was pretty easy and then it gave you a program and you could change things. It is a bit like robotics because you have to make something like a robot or something else then program it. Here is a video of the target.




Here is my Visual Planner with this weeks blog.


This week in sewing we have been working on how to make a bag for our soma cubes. I have really enjoyed it from sewing to pinning then pinning to sewing and I have to make sure I am thinking before I move on so I don’t mess up. I learnt that even if you are sewing and you aren’t concentrating and you go off the fabric most of the time it will affect what you are making but for the bag it didn’t really matter. Here is a picture of my bag.





Today we just had to explore because we have never done scratch before. if you don’t know what scratch is it is a programing app that you can program with to make a cat or another person do things.

Session 2

Today we had to explore and play games on Scratch. We had to save 3 games onto our account and we just got to explore again.

Session 3

Today we had to use 10 blocks and try and make the sprite which is the character do something. We had ten blocks to use more than once if we needed. I made the sprite which is the character move on the water. It was a hard task.

Session 4

Today we had to make a project which was called About Me. The About Me project was when we had to make something that was about us. I got taught by someone because I was away that day but I got it done and it was really fun. you get to learn all about me. Here is a video.





Session 1

Today in robotics we had to make our robot follow a black line. it was hard because you didn’t know how much you wanted it to go forward. we didn’t know what the program was going to look like so we just kept trying and trying. We had to use the colour sensor in all of these challenges. Here is my program on the follow the black line.


Session 2

today we were still trying to figure out the program for the black line. it was tricky because our friends showed us their program but it wasn’t working. In the end we finished but it was hard and successful.

Session 3

Today we started to make our robot go around in a circle. this was really tricky because it was hard to make it go in a curve. It wasn’t working at first because we were trying to make it go straight instead of a curve.

Session 4

Today we kept on going with the circle. It went straight then it did a curve which we definitely didn’t want that to happen. We just kept on trying and trying. with the program we had to keep on trying and changing the program. Which was tricky.

Session 5

Today was a LUCKY day! Our program finally worked. It was so exciting. Our friends helped us with the program but it finally worked. Here is a picture of the program. The program looks very small but it definitely worked. We used the colour sensor again otherwise it will not go.


Session 6

Today we started another challenge. It was called The Challenge Mat. It had a lot of curves and lines. It was definitely challenging because their was a lot of curves and we have never done anything like it. We didn’t get on the 1st session we tried but we got better and better at it.

Session 7

Today we got the program to work with some help of friends. Again it was hard and we kept trying and trying. Until our friend decided that they would help us with the program. It looks really small but it doesn’t matter if it is a small program or a big program. It only matters if it works or if you try. Here is my program.

Session 8

This blog for Sphero will be in weeks.

This week in Sphero we had to program a Sphero which is a robot to go through a course. Then we had to make it in a chariot. What was challenging was with the chariot that we thought that we were not going to have to wheels so we tried making a Lego chariot without wheels and that didn’t work. So we moved to Knex with wheels and that worked so every time the Sphero crashes then we have to put it back in again. With the chariot we had to use that through the course and after a lot of experimenting we got over half way which is pretty good



Melting Pot Review

The melting pot book is written by Christopher W Cheng.

It is about a boy Edward (Chek Chee) who is half Australian and half Chinese. He has to put up with a lot of racist taunts from all around Sydney and his cousin Elizabeth. He has to go to China but he doesn’t want too.

The book is really good but at some points it does get boring because their is no action to it. I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading diaries and likes not that much action and excitement.

I would give this book 3 stars because some days I was away and didn’t really know what was going on.

Origami Fraction Pinwheel

Today in class we made and played with origami pinwheels. What is a origami pinwheel? It is a piece of paper that you fold to make into a pinwheel which has four colours which are yellow, Blue and red. I learnt that 6/12 is 1/2. Here is a picture of somethings I did.


Today we tried our making our initials on Microworlds. Microworlds is a program that yo write commands in to the turtle to do so it can make all kinds of different shapes, letters ect. It was really hard to figure out if you had a curve in your name. I am lucky because I have 2 H’s in my name. I didn’t finish but here is 1 of the H’s. Here is a picture of my code.

Here is what it does



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