Melting Pot Review

The melting pot book is written by Christopher W Cheng.

It is about a boy Edward (Chek Chee) who is half Australian and half Chinese. He has to put up with a lot of racist taunts from all around Sydney and his cousin Elizabeth. He has to go to China but he doesn’t want too.

The book is really good but at some points it does get boring because their is no action to it. I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading diaries and likes not that much action and excitement.

I would give this book 3 stars because some days I was away and didn’t really know what was going on.

Origami Fraction Pinwheel

Today in class we made and played with origami pinwheels. What is a origami pinwheel? It is a piece of paper that you fold to make into a pinwheel which has four colours which are yellow, Blue and red. I learnt that 6/12 is 1/2. Here is a picture of somethings I did.


Today we tried our making our initials on Microworlds. Microworlds is a program that yo write commands in to the turtle to do so it can make all kinds of different shapes, letters ect. It was really hard to figure out if you had a curve in your name. I am lucky because I have 2 H’s in my name. I didn’t finish but here is 1 of the H’s. Here is a picture of my code.

Here is what it does



Rube Goldberg

Session 1

Today we designed our Rube Goldberg machines. It had to be detailed otherwise we couldn’t move on. To the teachers we had to explain why and how the machine would work so we could move on. This one was a test machine because in the future we will be doing another one.

Session 2

We got to start with our Rube Goldberg machine. We had to make a pulley, out of materials which were wire, cups, wheels and string and that was really hard. We got instructions to follow which made it easier. After we made single we could try and m ake double pulleys. Overall I loved making pulleys and would like to do something else with it in the future.

Session 3

Today we made things out of Lego that would help with rube Goldberg machines that we at doing in the future. My partner and I made a pop up sign with a hammer. It would have been hard if we had to find the right colour pieces but we didn’t have to. This one was hard because we would sometimes skip a step then we would have to gd back and check which one we missed. Here are some pictures.

Session 4

Today we made things out of Knex. My partners and I made a dump truck. Knex sometimes is really hard to join to other bits. But it is really fun because you can make anything out of it. Again my group is making a dump truck it looks really but its not. Sometimes we would skip a task then have to come back to it. Here are some pictures of us working.

Session 5

Today my partners and I joined the Lego, Pulley and Knex. We had some rough times but made it work in the end. Our goal was a marble to hit the space bar to take a photo.  We joined a carousel which was interesting. It was hard because sometimes people got distracted and we got frustrated because it didn’t work. It was a really fun experience.

Session 6

Today we designed our Rube Goldberg machines in our design books. We had to keep designing until it was detailed so we could move on.

Session 7

Just keep on designing

Session 8

Today we started making our Rube Goldberg machines. They are harder to make than you think it is. My group works really well and stays on task. I think it is better to make everything first then join it together. We got half of it done which is pretty good.

Session 9

I wasn’t here but here is a video of my group working without me.

Session 10

Today we tried our machine over and over again we changed it and added 5 marbles to make it stronger and it almost worked.

Session 11

Today was our last session to finish our machines. Ours worked 3 times out of 24 times which is better than nothing we added a funnel and a stand to hold up the funnel. hopefully it works when we have to expo.




Lego Robotics Programing


Click on the link

Today my group and I finished the challenge. You had to make it do Seconds, Rotations and Degrees.

Today me and my group started the Colour Challenge. First we had to put on the light sensor on. We found this challenging because we knew what bricks to use but we couldn’t get them in the right spot so that was frustrating. In the end we got it to go forward and spot a colour. Then the kinder group came and we showed what we are learning because they are studying on robots too.



Robot Questions


A robot is a machine that is capable of doing things humans can do or dangerous things that humans can’t do. A robot also has to be programmed otherwise it can’t do anything. A robot can never get tired or bored because they have no feelings in any way.



A program is definitely needed otherwise it can’t work because it doesn’t now what to do. You need to write the program properly otherwise it won’t work it might brake or get confused. The robot need to get told what to otherwise its still.


Robot software is the set of coded commands or instructions that tell a robot or any other mechanical thing. Robot software is used to perform dangerous or not dangerous tasks. Many  systems and frameworks have been made to make programming robots easier.


Because there are heaps of dangerous things to do in the world and not so many not dangerous things in the world and I think they were invented because if we do dangerous things we might die and robots can do them and not die or get bored.


Session 1 Pseudocode and Robotics build

Today we got into a group of three and we had a start to our robotics unit. Every week we had to ulternate between Robotics and Rube Goldberg. I found out that I love robotics because I love building Lego. I found it a little tricky a times because I couldn’t find pieces and that got frustrating.  I love Lego Robotics.  A pseudocode is a program or a coding name. We had to make a program. What is a Program? a procedure is to make a robot do something like to open a door or something. But you cant just say take four steps forward but you don’t know how big they could just take four big steps. You have to explain like this Lift leg up 20cm take a 30cm step forward repeat 4. Where to next. I think we are going to be writing a program for our robots and testing it out.

Rube Goldberg Machines

Session 1

Today we started making Rube Goldberg machines and it was really fun. The aim was to get a paper ball into the bin. ot just to chuck it we had to make at least 3 simple machines like a pulley, wheel and axle and a lever. First we started of with a design on an A3 paper and we had to list the forces, materials and draw our Rube Goldberg machines detailed. Then we got to start making our machines we only got two hours with is pretty stressful my team and I had some really cool and amazing ideas. But we had to get started it was a pretty stressful ride and fun. Our machine was successful and unsuccessful. We got ready and showed each other our Rube Goldberg machines.

A simple machine is a little quick easy machine to make something work.

Session 2

Today we separate into every class. The aim was to make a simple machine. A simple machine is a inclined plane, pulley, lever, funnel and wheel and axle. Today we made pulley’s. a pulley is if you put something heavy into it it makes the pulley do down. We had a go at single pulleys and double pulley’s. here is some photos and videos of our pulley’s.

Session 3

Today we swapped groups and today we did Lego simple machines. We had to get the instructions first otherwise we couldn’t build. We built the hammer that if you hit it. It would say BOOM.  It was so fun but hard sometimes because you had to find the pieces and the other thing was that you didn’t have to find the right pieces otherwise it would take days and days to find the exact piece. We did separate things then we joined it all together at the end.

Session 3

Today we built something out of Knex. My friends and I made a dump truck. The point of this is to help us with our Rube Goldberg projects for ideas. The dump truck moves and can hold not to heavy things in t and can dump paper and other light things. The truck is very useful and really easy to make so I really recommend this. Here is some pictures.




Session 4

Today we got to finish any of the activites or join groups. I joined with 2 other groups and we connected all of the activities together. It was hard but when we figured it out it got easier and when it didn’t work we got a little frustrated. We joined the Dump Truck, The Hammer, The Pulley, The Carousel, Dominos and a Computer. It didn’t work all the time but we figured out the positions and we got it to work a few times here is a video of us explaining how the machine works.

Angles Investigation

Today we looked at maths pack 1 which made our knowledge better on angles. IWB Resources had heaps of activities to do all to do with maths. We just focused on angles. The games we played were Angles on a line and Random Angles. We first played Angles on a line and it was so fun. first we had to press on the boxes so we didn’t know the answer. We had to put the line on a random spot then we had to use a protractor if we wanted then we would put it on a line and we would have to see what the number is then guess and we pressed on the box and then we get our answer. Here are some screen snips of what we did.





Second Game

This game was called Random Angles I loved this game also but I found it tricker. This is how you play. First you have to press the box so u don’t know what the answer is. The game gives you a random angle then you have to try and guess what it is. Then you press on the box and see you answer. You can use a protractor if you want to. I find using a protractor easier because it helps you. I find this game a bit harder because you just get a random angle not to choose it. Here are some snips of my work.

Today we did some more work on angles. We had to draw a shape and then we had to measure each angle to see how big it was. It was a bit tricky because the more the shape got thinner the harder the measuring was. I learnt how to use a protractor better and that the thinner the shape the harder. Here are some pictures of my work.


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