Richard Turere TED Talk

I feel like Richard wanted to stop poaching and killing of animals by coming up with his inventions. I also think he was trying to say that violence is not the answer in a situation like his.

Some of the ways he got his message to the audience were by putting really powerful images in the background of his talk. He also made jokes with the audience.

The microphone helped project his voice so that people could hear him.

Some of the good presentation techniques were remembering his script, this TED talk was  His staging was good and he moved around the stage, but didn’t go off to the side.

I really liked this TED talk it was probably one of my favourites.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think that the main message of Thomas Suarezezszs TED Talk was that any one any age or any knowledge can develop apps and or games efficiently.

To help get Thomas’s message across to the audience he engaged with them. He did this by making them laugh with jokes that werent really funny but they laughed. By doing this it makes the audience more engaged him and what he was talking about.

I liked how he moved around the stage and didnt just stand in the same spot and be all boring. His eye contact with the audience was also really good which just made the whole thing more interesting but i liked the most how he had little dot points so he didnt loose track and he knew what bit he was talking about but yet didnt really look at the script and just kept eye contact.