Passion Project #Description

This terms passion project is different then the last ones we have done. we have to make something for someone else. that could be a friend, family member, etc i have chosen to make something for my mum im going to grab nuts and bolts and weld them to make a dog preferbrally one that looks like my dog. The reason I am giving this to mum is because she is close to my dog and my dad already has something like this.

RVE Cultures of the World

For the past few weeks in RVE we started a project were we study a country of our own choice I chose the Maldives because it is a place were I love the culture and I would find it pretty cool to live there. Once we had our country we had to research it and write a double page in our RVE book, the reason we did this was to discover new countries around the World.


We found that there are still some differences like:

  • The surf is way better in the Maldives
  • You are 80% more likely to be without work
  • In the Maldives the education isn’t as good

But there are also plenty of similarities:

  • Same chance of having Aids/STD’s
  • We both eat fish
  • Both of the countries are passionate about sports

If I were to live in the Maldives I would have to adjust to what they eat because I don’t enjoy eating seafood.


Passion Project #update

What I’ve started doing for my passion project is I found my camera and started going out and taking plenty of surf photos and I have been surfing a lot lately so I’m not having as many photos as I was planning but I reckon I will have around 20-25 and I’m going to put it into a video and put music in the background.

Image result for surfing

Passion Project idea#2

For my passion project im going to take photos based around the surf so the ocean and when my mates or my dad goes surfing. The reason im doing this is cause I like surfing and photography so I thought I could combine them and then I will put them into a app and make a video.

#REFLECT Passion Project

PLEASE watch this


Doing my passion project was alot of fun but i wasnt able to squeeze in enough time for everything I wanted like this weekend I had to film some surfing but overall I think I did well. This process was hard to make a surfboard and I think I would of made one out of wood if I did it again.

I struggled to get enough footage so it’s more just me making it, I had one big problem was that i didnt have any fiberglass left so i couldnt glass my board. I struggled with my footage cause it was 6 degrees when I filmed soooo and the videos of me drawng and cutting the board was blury and I couldnt find the footage so I had to reinact it so this was a big clefuffelin the end i was happy with it ive just got done editing and yeah.


digital citizenship #2

Netiquette= being netiquette means you are etiquette online.

Flaming/Flame wars= flame wars are were you have an argument online with someone.

Trolls= are people that try to look for arguments to make themselves feel better and they can hack someone’s account

Anonymous =  Anonymous means that you are either faking your identity or pretending to be someone else.

Communicating clearly= 1. using emoji’s to express your self. 2. having proper grammar and spelling so that you don’t confuse whoever your talking to. 3. don’t use abbreviations and make words shorter like gtg c u l8r. 4. don’t use caps because your reader might think that your angry or get the wrong idea.

Permission= you have to ask someone for there permission for a photo or something that you want to share.

once your message is out= Tim was talking about once you put something online you cant take it back so if I put something nasty or inappropriate online people have copy of that and even if I delete people will still know

Win at the Fair

First, with ‘Win At The Fair,’ we started by playing the original game board. (see above) After gathering the data, we realised that this game board isn’t profitable for the fair manager. We played 117 games of this board and the yet we had to give out $213.40. This meant that overall, once 117 games were played, the manager lost $96.40. That meant that if we wanted to gain money instead of lose it, we would need to change the board one way or another.

We were told to change the original game board so that the manager of the game/fair would make money. After 1000 games we hoped to make $300 profit. This meant that we had to create a board that looked intriguing and made profit, I tried a lot of different boards they were all successful but most of them weren’t intriguing and the audience would look at it an be like ‘uh I aint gonna make no money’ 

After we messed around with our own game board and with our own rules like have balckholes and time warps and taking away money if you landed on spot Mr Henderson gave us strict rules like you cant put 10 cent prizes in the middle or move any position we were only allowed to change the way the arrows go so when you role the dice you can go up left or right and we could change how much things costed.

When we started using maths 300 it was just doing tests for me and seeing were the dice landed most and were I should have the directions of the arrows and what number went were I started to make adjustments so I would be making more money. Here are some of my attempts.

1st attempt

3rd attempt

last try.

These boards are better then Mr Henderson’s because we are making more money and these are intriguing especially my last one because  I’m making 450 dollars and it looks like you will make money.

Digital Citizensip.

This week in Triple R we learnt about Digital Citizenship. What we did in Digital Citizenship is we watched a video of the future and what it looked like but we focused on acronyms and we did a THINK acronym. An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters here is an example. 






but we used the word think.

Passion Project #2

For my passion project I have cut the surfboard and is now 4ft 8 from tail to nose and I have sand the back of the board and rounded it of I still have to glass the board and fix a few pressure dings from when the board was stomped surfing the board is also very thin so I think it will be quite hard to surf but I will also make a video of my friend and I surfing it.🙌🏄🏿‍♂️. We have also captured some videos and photos of us surfing along the way here is 1.

Passion Project

For my passion project what I want to do is with a snapped surfboard I have turn it into a twin fin 4 ft 8 and very small and thin but make a time lapse out of it then surf it and make an edit and that’s about it.