Six Squares

Our task was to find all the non-congruent shapes that can be made out of  6 squares. For the next one we had to copy and cut out each of t [...]

Passion project update

I have already started building my structure and taken photos along the way which I will piece together in a short film. I am also getting r [...]

Polyhedron Nets

Our task was to make three shapes and make them pull over into a 3d shape. I chose a cube, triangular based pyramid and square based pyramid [...]

My passion project

My passion project is to make a hospital split into main structures with a connection in the middle. One of those structures will be for inf [...]

Green screen Clinic

Today we learnt about green screen with the whole grade here is the video of me explaining how to use green screen in Adobe Premier Pro. [...]

Premier Pro

Today as an entire year level we learnt how to use Premier pro. I will explain this in the video below. [...]

Wireless microphones + HFG cameras

Today in Mrs Watson’s class we learnt about wireless microphones and HFG cameras and how to use them. I will explain these in the vide [...]

Royalty free Music

Today we learnt about royalty free music. Royalty free music is music that is not protected by copyright. I will explain this in the video b [...]

Shotgun Mics

Today we learnt about shotgun Mics, how to use them, what they are most effective at and some precautions when using them. I will tell you a [...]

Zoom cameras

We learnt about zoom cameras and how to use them in this clinic. There are some rules about using the cameras to make sure we can do it quic [...]
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