Term 4 Passion project Description

For this term I am continuing my game making and my art. This time I want to make my art simple and boxed shaped because I have found with c [...]

The Addition Algorithm

Here is my Addition Algorithm where I added 1.586 to 0.549. [...]

Update Blog Post

I have figured out what my theme for the game I am making which is changing gravity. I am working on the changing gravity and I am also work [...]

Passion project Description 1

What are you trying to create? I am trying to create a game. What technologies are you trying to use/learn about? I am starting to learn how [...]

Year Six Science

Home Learning I learnt that matter is everywhere and anything that occupies space and has mass is matter. Also that your weight is relative [...]

Six Squares

Our task was to find all the non-congruent shapes that can be made out of  6 squares. For the next one we had to copy and cut out each of t [...]

Passion project update

I have already started building my structure and taken photos along the way which I will piece together in a short film. I am also getting r [...]

Polyhedron Nets

Our task was to make three shapes and make them pull over into a 3d shape. I chose a cube, triangular based pyramid and square based pyramid [...]

My passion project

My passion project is to make a hospital split into main structures with a connection in the middle. One of those structures will be for inf [...]

Green screen Clinic

Today we learnt about green screen with the whole grade here is the video of me explaining how to use green screen in Adobe Premier Pro. [...]
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