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Hey guys this post for math’s I am going to talk about Math Groups. Math groups is when you choose a math’s related guru session to attend so that you can learn more on what you need help on. Like there might be a guru session for division, subtraction, adding and multiplication and I would choose division if I needed help on that particular topic. This week for Math Group year six are focusing on measuring the inside and outside of the shape, mainly focusing on the perimeter. If you need helpImage result for guru word with measuring simple shapes you would go to Miss Stafford, If you need help adding the measurements together to get you the perimeter you would go to Miss Torney’s guru session, and if you need help measuring irregular shapes you would go to Mr. Henderson’s session that is the main session I focused on this week because I have a lot of knowledge on everything else. There is also a extension guru session if you know everything about all of these gurus.

Writers Workshop

In writers Workshop this week Miss Torney has decided to stop conferences so that we can do a peer conference instead. A peer conference is when you have completed your piece with a well designed seed-(A place to write down your ideas for the story) and a conference worthy story. After you have done that you stable a sheet that says the name of the piece and your name. Also adding your peers names that are assessing your writing piece with three tick boxes. One for a message, purpose and so on… Then a little box underneath for your peers to write what they think about the story (Constructive or Positive) Then you place it into the ready to be read by a teacher box, this box is where you can have a one on one conference with your teacher before getting it fully conferenced where you can start to publish your writing piece in a creative pretty way, so that you can present it to your family/friends later on.


Hey guys,

Today I was super exited because my zoo film was sent to Melbourne zoo to go onto their website!! Incase you don’t know what the zoo films are, we pretty much do a film about a endangered animal from the Melbourne zoos SOS 10 (Save Our Species Ten) So that is pretty much ten different species that you do videos for! Also in inquiry we have finally made a start on our shot lists for the personal project!! A personal project is a videos where you can team up or go solo and do something that you are passionate about or what you feel you need people to know! Emmaline and I have finished our Shot-List and are now up to the filming stage which will be at each others houses!


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