English: Writes workshop

Hey guys,

This week in writers workshop and masterclass. I have started an awesome seed about war. The genre of books story that I find most fun and easy to write is either sad or scary stories, I find it hard to write otherwise.

I have some inpireation on this piece, and that is the show on ABC 3 called ‘Tommorow When The War Began’ In case you haven’t watched this TV show, firstly I would highly recommend watching it from the very begging otherwise you may get extremely stuck. The TV show is about kids going on a camping trip, leaving their home town. But during the trip the war started and they had no idea. I wont tell you anymore or I might give it away to people who actually would like to watch it.

My seed is a little different. The story I am going to write is about two kids who have had the best day of their life. Until waking up the next day to the sound of explosions. And this is for Miss Torney. There will be no deaths in this story apart from some people who have been bombed but that’s in real life I will not include it into my story;)


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