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Reading Log

Hey guys,

Today I am going to give you clues to try and guess what my book is, when you think that you have got the answer please comment yours down below!

I will give you eight different clues hardest to the easiest…

  1. The main book character is a girl.
  2. She likes reading books.
  3. Her hair is blonde.
  4. She has a blue dress with a white apron
  5. She goes into a magical world
  6. She follows a white rabbit with a watch 
  7. She meets a creepy cat
  8. She was actually dreaming the whole time

When I was little I loved to read this book, although I was a little scared of it because it had a lot of different wacky things in it that I need not understand when I was only little. I thought it was scary how the queen of Hearts was so mean and also how they chased her out of her dream, although at the end I was relieved that it was ONLY a dream!

Can you guess the book I have explained if so please comment down below if so!!!!!

Mathematics (Promblem Solving)

Hey guys,

In math’s problem solving, last (last) Thursday we handed in our math’s problem solving books for our teachers to mark…

Each person gets feed back from the Teacher… My feedback was that I needed to show my working out in my books…

I did on some pages but I know that it needs to be updated. So that is what I am goings to work on for my problem solving book to make it EVEN better! So far in math’s problem solving I love to make my books colourful and detailed and I am planning to make it even more detailed for my new questions in my problem solving book!

Please comment down bellow on the feedback that you have received from Miss Torney or other teachers…

Thanks guys:)

Writers Workshop!

Hey guys,

In writers workshop I am working on a new scary piece called FootSteps. This story is about a girl who has dreamt of something scary involving footsteps until her dream stops and she wakes up in her bedroom at exactly twelve O’clock in the morning, she thought that this was strange as she had dreamt of waking up at the exact same time…

I came up with this idea one time when I was in the library. I was thinking of some thing to do and the first thing was “Let’s create a scary story” so on the way down to junior school I plotted out what my story is going to go like in my head. I thought that it was a pretty cool story, and told my mum and sister as detailed as I could possibly say the story, mum said it had some great description and Laura(My sister) said it was nice and scary. That was my first draft now I’m going to make it into a story. I have completed my seed and next lesson I am planning to start writing my story! I am super exited to publish it and conference it with my teacher and my friends and see how I can make it EVEN better and what I have done well!





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