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What are the difference’s between Australia and Brazil

Brazil’s culture is more festive with extravagant costumes which are very bright and warm. They have huge party’s that involve floats and the food they it is not much different from ours but just includes a different shape size and or flavor (Using Spices) Brazil’s population is 202,656,788 as ours in Australia is 22,507,617 so they obviously have way more people

While Australian’s culture don’t have party’s as big as Brazil’s (But we still have big ones like the mardi gra in Sydney) Our food is different because….Brazil (Style fried chicken) would use different shapes than us for example tear drops, they’d use exotic Brazilian spices. Australia (Style fried chicken) We would normally use the traditional pub style chicken with cheese and ham (Parmigiana) And we also might just have sticks of chicken. Not getting us wrong we have HEAPS of exotic Australian food….

What are the similarities

Also Brazil and Australia have the same unemployment rate both of our unemployment rates are 5.700% or 5.7% which means that we both have the same percent of people who are unemployed in Australia and Brazil. brazil and Australia also have very close female and male population Australia have 50% Male population and 50% women population as Brazil have 49% Male population and 51% Women population.

If you lived in this culture, what would you find most interesting… and what would you find most challenging?

The most interesting thing that I would find in this culture is defiantly the melting bucket (What people call Brazil) of cultures. It would be exited to see other (different) cultures around Brazil. The most challenging thing would diffidently understanding all of the different cultures and trying to learn and begin to speak there language.  










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  1. Great Work Jade! This post was very detailed and I love that you got some real facts and used interesting topics. Although there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes it was an enjoyable post to read.

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