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Hey guys,


For my iProject I have drawn an amazing detailed sunset as my first draft and I am extremely proud of it:)

Then my next step is to make my first draft even better…. by drawing the sunset on a different piece of paper that is bigger and stronger. Then I will draw with grey led pencil and after use coloured pencils and or pens…

After I have finished creating that work of art I will start taking inspiration to make another art piece underneath.

You Tube videos /watching ideas, instructional videos…  Peoples idea’s/ What they think is a good idea to create….  And photos of Google/ for inspiration….


Reading Log

Hey guys,

For book week the theme is Australian I have chose to dress up as Red Riding Hood for book week.

I have to say I do really like this book because it is very adventurous and exiting, but can’t say it is my favorite because I have so many that I can not choose…

I used to read it most in our family because I liked to tell twisted stories about the book, and how maybe the grandma ate the wolf instead of the wolf eating the grandma! And Red Riding Hood was the wolf and the wolf was Red Riding Hood… I loved twisting up the story making them more fun and interesting.

I was young… maybe 4 or 5 when I had the book first read to me (Although it did not have all the gruesome bits of the wood cuter and the grandma) Then later after I read the book myself (The REAL book) And later on at about ten I read twisted up stories. (It is an actual book)–I Enjoy the twisted up book a lot.

My favorite character in the book is the wood chopper because he gets to help the grandma and he is also really cool! (All though he may of only been on at the very end of the book) The book made me feel scared and worried for red Riding hood and the grandma but at the end when the wood chopper saves the grandma I was very relieved!.

Inquiry – Advertising Project

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to talk about how the advertising film project has gone so far…..

Yesterday started of like this…..  

Wednesday Morning- We came to school and started to get ready by collecting our camera’s, getting into our group, Making sure we have the right equipment. Then we walked to the turn around to catch the bus that will bring us to Torquay. And we stopped of at The Surf Coast Shire soccer fields….

Wednesday Afternoon- We went away from the soccer fields and travelled on bus to point danger where my mum dropped of my surf board, and where we filmed on Torquay surf beach for a while before going to have snack on Cozy Corner.

Wednesday Evening- We continued to the Surf Shops and the Torquay Skate Park to continue filming for our projects. After we completed that we headed back to Geelong college to empty our footage onto our computers

Writers Workshop

Hey guys,

In writers workshop I’m working on my next piece after my first one called “Flame” my new piece that I am creating of the same seed of “flame” is called “Family”

Family is about when she (The girl in the story) Searched to see if she could find her family. And she…… SPOILERS sorry I can’t tell…. Secret

I’m extremely exited to start this story as I would really enjoy creating a sequel about my writing piece and hopefully make it a movie at the very end of the year…

Bye guys


















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