Math’s Part 2

Hey guys,

This week we have been learning about problem solving. I completed tests on Math’s 300 for Crazy Animals. I found this a little bit tricky at first, but once I understood the game I started testing some cool ideas. Bailey and I were competing in who gets the highest number. But we both learnt that we have equal chance in getting the highest as we have the same game same animals and same amount of trials, we both did 10000 trials. Then we started testing… I got some low ones to start of with like an 350 0r even a 250! My personal highest is 464 by Haffe which is a mix of a duck and a horse:) 

My highest which was my very own Haffe also won my onto the top! And Baileys highest score was 428 so then over all I have won the bet. I enjoyed my time playing Crazy Animals and I hope we can do something like this in Project Math’s again….:)




(my new good bye)

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