Hey guys,

In inquiry the whole of year six has been invited to make an advertising film for Geelong And The Bellarine Tourism. They have asked Year 6 to make them a advertising film about around Geelong. Each class got a designated spot to video in for e.g.

6A- Supa Tramp and Torquay to go to video for our project.

6B- Leisure link and the bike track along the Barwin River to film their project.

6C-t Eastern Beach to film their project.

Then after that we had to find out our groups. The teachers chose our groups, there are six people in a group and then you get a partner from your group whom is in your class to film with. so then we get five different areas to video in, then we all make our own film each…

After we had to create a shot list about what shots to use and where you are going to take the shots! I created a really colourful one! Here It is!

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