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18269507._UY475_SS475_Hey guys,

My book that I am doing a review on is called Demon Dentist! Here is my review on it…

Orientation The book starts of by introducing the characters with pictures of what they look like and then the book explains what they are and what they do in the book or to make the book how it is. Then the book starts of by telling you how bad the main characters teeth are and how much he HATES dentists! Then the book explains how his dad hurt him self in a mine shaft because he breathed too much coal into his lungs so now he is having troubles with his breathing



 Then the book introduces the dentist or so called (mummy) into the book, Then the book tells you bout how mummy (the dentist) leaves evil goodies underneath the children’s pillows like eyeballs and rats and NEVER leaves coins at all! And only brings bad stuff!





 Then he met a friend called Gabz and he went down to the mind because the witch (tooth witch) took Gabz into the cave where his dad used to work but now is a run down mine. Then the dad of the boy (main character) went to the mine to save the boy and Gabz and sadley died of falling down the 20m mine drop or even more now the main character is homeless and has a adoption mum. To take care of him.. 



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