5d246b36725398e3f5a3a08ba354ba00Hey Guys,

For my iProject I am going to start this week…

Plan Of Attack

For my plan of attack I am going to draw some ideas on paper of what I am going to paint on my canvas, that will help me make my paintings neater and more complex, so its not just going to be a rough copy…

I am going to draw some sunsets sunrises and natural stuff like trees, on little mini canvases but I’m going to also draw some plants and maybe some animals!

Here are some inspiriting water colours painting that I might want to try to create…..

watercolour-beach-wavesHow I will do it I will most probably watch some YouTube videos on how to make a sunset/rise…and so on. Then I will draw some of the picture of some sunsets or rises or beaches or animals as a rough copy. Then I will use a light pencil and draw it onto the blank canvases. After I will go and get my water colours and create.

I might use Water colours pencils or I might use my acrylic water colours to make my canvas what one do you guys think is the better option? Comment below to tell me it will really help me!

Thanks Guys,


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