Reading Week 4

Hi People,

I have been reading a book called Not if I see you first,  I did manage to finish the book so here is the background of the story that might get you interested???The book is about a 16 year old girl named Parker who is blind and has to go through everything that we do now like school and normal social life but it is harder seeing that she is blind. Running keeps her going and keeps her happy but at the start she wanted to hide her talent sadly her mum had car accident when she was pregnant with Parker. Parker likes to say that her mum took her eyesight with her to heaven. In the novel her dad sadly dies in his sleep, but the reason is unknown, which makes it every hard for Parker. Parker’s Aunty and cousins move into her home to take care of her and she unfortunately has to leave her room behind and go to the attic. Parker is finding it very tough because she never liked her family, and at the end she went to a running carnival and Parker says “how fast can I run, I mean really” “Its time to find out.” Not If I See You First ended that cliff hanger. So I ended up thinking about what might  happen next myself? I thought maybe she could be the first successful blind runner in the world!

I have just started to read a new book called Evil Star I am reading it with Sophie Collicoat we have started a mini book club together for fun with just Sophie and I, and after we are finished we have to rate the book out of five stars and explain what its about.



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  1. I love the way you put all of that detail in it Jade!
    Would you recommend this book? It sounds really interesting and could you tell me what you rate it once you finished it?
    Rate it with stars.
    Out of 5!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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