Weekly Reflection/Agreements

This week I will be reflecting on how I believe I am travelling with the Year 6 Agreements. 

Things I have done well been respecting others and myself and also others property when they allow me to borrow there property, I have been creative so that I can be creative during math’s and drama and a lot more I have been taking risks bye leveling up in math’s and talked risks to make it so far in math’s. I have been embracing opportunities by doing swimming and races which happened last year.




Things I would like to improve in will improve on listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas and be better at every thing I do and to always try hard!



Goal setting I will work on show not just tell the way because I think it would be nice to help some people who are new to the Geelong college.


Next week I will be focusing on take risks because I haven’t had many opportunity’s yet so I hope that next week I can try to embrace one.


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection/Agreements

  1. Hi Jade,

    It appears you have published this post without finishing It first. You have not set any goals for this week. Please update this asap and let me know.

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