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  1. Hidden Beneath
    As I run across the crumbling sand squelching between my toes. I hear voices coming from the ocean. I stutter to a halt and turn towards the sea. What are these voices? Where are they coming from? All of these questions flowing through my mind. It’s beginning to turn dark and with all of the pearly white shells dotted around the star lit cove I am suddenly not so worried about the voices. I can barely understand them but they seem to say come, come here. I put my hand under the clear water and lift the sea up. What is this? Am I going crazy? Suddenly the orangey sky creeps into black. With all of the nervous feelings racing inside me I decide to go into the cave like sea. Sweat is dripping down my face and my hair sticks on end. It’s dark its black I can feel the fear taking over me. Suddenly I see thousands of red eyes glaring at me. Ahhhhhh!

  2. The no rules pool
    As I plunge into the freezing water a chill runs down my spine but when I reach the surfs and the warm air surrounds me, I dive back down the hot sun on my back as I glide though the water. I look up and see that my mum has gone and Aunty Fiona is the only one there I asked where she was, Fiona said she went to get some sausage rolls so I decided to play around with my sister Daisy and Cousin Sophie. We were playing with the rings, trying to sit in them and float across the pool, then we tried making beds for each other. Suddenly my mum comes around the corner with some sausage rolls, Daisy, Oscar my brother and Sam my other cousin all got out to eat there’s but Sophie and I were too hot so we stayed in and ate our sausage rolls in the pool. After we had finished sausage rolls we I had one last dive then we had to get out. As I clime out I feel a hot breeze, I decide not to dry myself of because it is too hot. As I walk back to the shady tree we are camping under silver drops of water roll down my legs. I can’t wait for the next swim


    As I step into the icy cold water,
    I look around to see…….
    The nice yellow, black and white
    Penguins Waddle across the snowy
    Grounds, I look again and see the
    And see the morning sun come out
    Slowly melting the ice stlactitcas

  4. The Black Cat
    By Emily Santalucia
    Small black head, yellow bright eyes, pointy
    soft nose, dusty black back, long pretty
    legs, tail swaying side to side, creeping
    crawling through the night, looking into the

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