Makey Makey

This lesson of Makey Makey was really fun. we all plugged one end of a cordĀ  into fruits and vegtablesĀ  and the other into our laptop then we went onto a bongo drum app and when we whacked the Fruit and veg it would play the drum. I learnt to not whack the avocados I […]

All about me

Hi, I’m Dash. This is my second year at Geelong College. I live with my Mum, Dad and brother Tom, who is in year 7. My mum is a GP and Dad is a Paediatrician. I have a little labradoodle called Shuggie. He is almost 3 years old and loves going down to the beach. […]


This week we have been working on scratch. Scratch is an app that allows you to code play and create games. we have done challenges like 10 block challenge The ten block challenge is where we had to make a program using the selected ten different blocks given to us. it was hard to do […]