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Passion Project-Description

I am going to do a film about the basics of the acoustic guitar as it is my passion and I enjoy doing it. The film will be filmed by both of my parents and will feature me playing some simple songs on the guitar. The main process of this will take up only 1-2 weeks while the rest will be refining and editing the film. I will use this computer as my main source of film making.

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Birke Baehr’s Ted Talk

Birke Baehr is a person who believes that he can make a difference about eating natural food instead of eating chemically enhanced food, because natural food is much more healthier than the former. He has done research about it and found out that in an experiment about chemically enhanced corn with rats, the rats developed bad symptoms. He also thinks that if kids like us actually knew about the dangerous things in the food we eat, then a lot of us would rather choose natural instead of enhanced.

The Ted Talk really made me think about eating more healthy because it is actually quite dangerous what we are eating. He had the voice of someone who would care for something like this, and he crowd took that convincingly.

He researched this topic and backed up most of his statements with evidence and facts. He also maintained eye contact with the crowd and made it feel like he really cared and wanted to broadcast his opinion to all of the world


Birke Baehr

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Richard Terere TED Talk

Richard Terere, is a Teen who grew up herding his fathers cows. Where he lives, (Kenya) Lions were a big problem, because they used to eat their cattle. One day, he woke up to find a dead bull in his farm. He said that he felt sad because that was their only bull. Ever since then, he started to hate lions, so the local tribe, The Moran’s started to kill the lions.

But that’s when he had an idea, he thought that if he could use fire to his advantage, the plan ultimately failed, but … he was on the right track. Next, he tried to make a scarecrow but the lions were smart and killed all the animals anyway.

But his final and most excellent idea, was that he would scare away the lions using lights made out of a battery from a brand new radio from his mum (who almost killed him after) and a indicator from a motorbike as well as a switch.

He got his messages across to his audience by using graphic imagery, as well as an overall vibe of seriousness. He used a projector and a mike as the only technical support he got. Personally he gave me the message that anyone can do anything, even if they live in a 3rd world country like Kenya. He also told a very interesting story even if he did not have very good english.


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Thomas Suarez TED Talk

TED Talks; a organisation that lets you spread your own ideas. Today, we looked at a kid around 12 years old discuss his ideas about iPhone apps; Thomas Suarez is an app creator who has created notable games, such as; Earth Fortune,(a game where a picture of earth turns different colours depending on your fortune) and Bustin’ Jeiber(A Justin Beiber Whack-em-all).

Some notable take-away’s  from Toms speech are; That, no matter what age you are, you will always be able to do what you want,(Shown by his age as of the speech) and how open apples app creation is.

He got his message across his audience by making them laugh and feel at home with a friend, and make it look like he was a guru and a public speaker most of the time.

He talked about his knowledge of computer coding programs, and how he had used stuff previous to the iPhone’s release like; Python and Raspberry Pie. But after that, he used the coding kit that came with the iPhone.

Things that made him look professional were things like; maintaining eye contact with the audience, and not looking at his iPad’s script.


(Thomas Suarez, App Creator)

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Green Screen

My Final Clinic

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Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphones are supposed to be wireless, but contrary to their name, they in fact do have wires.

After this we had to record a video of everyone coming from behind a tree and performing a tongue twister, we did not upload this to any computer.

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ShotGun Mics

My next Clinic was about a specific type of microphone that is called a ShotGun Mic.

After learning this my group and I went outside and made a video, Unfortunately we couldn’t get it onto any computer,(I don’t know why it didn’t work).

The Microphone we had was much smaller than any of anyone else.

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StoryBoards and StoryLists

This video explains Storyboards and Storylists.

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Adobe Premiere editing

Adobe Premiere is a editing program we are going to use in year 6.


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Zoom Camera

Zoom Cameras are a brand of cameras that we have in year 6

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