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Passion Project Term 4

on October 23, 2018

So this term, I wanted to do something new. But I couldn’t think of what to do. But then I started to look at what I did last year. I remembered that the whole year made a “Marble Run” last year. And before you ask, no I wasn’t going to create a  “Marble Run” for my 10 week project. I was thinking more on the homemade side of things. And then I thought, ” why don’t I create something that as well as being home made, would me interactable with the audience. So then I thought games, but obviously I’m not skilled enough to make a video-game, so I thought portable and home made. Then it hit me, “A Pinball Machine” I literally say out loud, “Lets make a Pinball Machine”. Right now me and my dad are collaborating to make a Pinball Machine out of Ply Wood which is going to be portable for the class to play.

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