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Titan Space Habitat


Here is why I would choose to go to Titan if we had to move over to anew planet

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Passion Project #Update Term 3

My Passion Project is going well, I have come up with a script and am ready to rehearse it. Although I keep forgetting to do it. I am planning to start filming soon, maybe on Monday 27/08/2018. I am still thinking about teaching fingering and stuff like that as long as it is a continuation of my original project.

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The Lost Princess-Digital Citizenship

Today we watched a movie about Online safety. Were we get a story about different perspectives of the bad side effects of the internet. There were several people who had had bad experiences online; Keiran, a gamer who spent way to much time online and completely rejected personal hygiene. Lucy, who had her phone stolen by bullies and they edited her profile in a way that immensely damaged her reputation. Charlotte, a person who was contacted by a person she didn’t know who claimed to be a friend of a friend, who eventually got a hold of personal information. And finally, LostPrincess, who became friends with someone online who claimed to be someone else, but ended up being a grown man.

We had to chose one of those characters to do a blog post on. I chose LostPrincess because I felt she was the main part of the video. She found a game online called WonderWebWorld and decided to join. There she found a lot people she could become friends with. But there was this one guy called WhiteKnight who was always on when she was on. She soon came to trust this WhiteKnight and felt that he trusted her too. But one night he planned that they should meet together at a Poisoned Apple concert. Now she knew what he looked like because a few weeks prior to this he had sent her a photo of himself only, it wasn’t him. He had taken a picture of someone else from the internet and pretended it was him. He eventually found her but was luckily taken away by a guard who said that this show was for kids.

She was clearly negatively affected by this incident but has learned about the dangers of the internet and not to show personal details to anyone except for your family. Afterwards she calls her mum to pick her up and she learns to never show passwords again. She could have been a little smarter and friend requested people she knew in real life. Overall what I have taken away is that you should never show anyone personal details like your password and your name [for online cases] and other stuff like that. I have seen what can happen if you don’t follow these rules and I am glad that I do.

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