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DC Cartoons

We looked at the 3rd digital citizenship session today. We looked at some cartoons about phones taking over our lives. Something that was funny about them was that they were so true. The message was that we take to much time on our phones and that we waste the actual purpose of why you went there in the first place. It is an important message because this could potentially be the future of our species; sitting around spending all of our time on the phone. I still find it a little bit funny, but realising that this is pretty true, It downgrades the overall quality of the joke

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Passion Project-#Reflection

My finished project ended up pretty much the way I wanted it. A movie about the basics of the guitar. It wasn’t really hard, all I really had to do was film everything and put all together. Though, I did find it hard to record everything. My goal was to teach people the basics of the guitar and I will keep doing that for the next few terms.


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Win at the fair – Maths

These past couple of weeks we have been doing a new project in project maths; Win at the Fair. It started off with the class receiving a piece of paper, with a board game printed out on it. Our goal was to roll the dice and see what we could get and how much money we could profit. You may be confused by what I am getting at. But don’t worry, I will explain.

The game works like this; you have 2 die, rolling a number will either move your counter forward, left or right. For example, in this board game; 2,3,4,5 go left, 6,7,8 go forward, and finally, 9,10,11 and 12 go right. Eventually,after you’ve rolled enough turns, you counter will meet a price. In the original board game, the prices are, from max to least in the value, are;5.00,4.00, 3.00, 2.00, 1.00,0.50 and then 0.20. It is at this time that I should probably tell you that the price of attendance is 1.00, thus, your profit.

Next up, was making our own board game,(or just personalising the board game itself) the only things we could do was change the prices and the numbers that determined your direction. We called this phase of the project; the creativity phase,( as we were allowed to change most things and we were just playing for fun and experimenting what we could do withe the game board).

The final part of the project was; Creating our own game board that in 1000 trials, would profit the school at least 300$. I tried several things but in trialling my game board several times I had made a few mistakes in the attending price and stuff like that. But in the end, my final game board was this:

We had to trial it 4 times. We needed it to be convincing and enticing as well as it to profit us enough money for the school. The diagrams show my prices, how many people landed on my prices in my 1000 trials of each snip. The average payout was the average amount of money people got back. My game board was enticing because it looked like an average game where you could profit your own money and there would not be many tricks.

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