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Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphones are supposed to be wireless, but contrary to their name, they in fact do have wires.

After this we had to record a video of everyone coming from behind a tree and performing a tongue twister, we did not upload this to any computer.

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ShotGun Mics

My next Clinic was about a specific type of microphone that is called a ShotGun Mic.

After learning this my group and I went outside and made a video, Unfortunately we couldn’t get it onto any computer,(I don’t know why it didn’t work).

The Microphone we had was much smaller than any of anyone else.

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StoryBoards and StoryLists

This video explains Storyboards and Storylists.

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Adobe Premiere editing

Adobe Premiere is a editing program we are going to use in year 6.


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Zoom Camera

Zoom Cameras are a brand of cameras that we have in year 6

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Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music is about non Copyright Music.

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Audio Booths

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CamCorders and Camera Angles

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Presenting your Film

My Second Clinic, presenting your film was all about how to act in front of your audience.


Point And Shoot Cameras (Film School)

Today we had inquiry, the session was called film school. It was about film clinics that told us how to make films and stuff. Anyway, we did 2 of them today, we had to record what we took away from the clinic. But, here’s 1 of them.

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