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Refugee Q and A

A video of some questions from the book.

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Session 1 

Today we started scratch. We had to make an Scratch account, mine was called CrizpyBacon101. I also made my profile picture, (which was a picture of crispy bacon).


My first program was a dancing person, then a penguin which then turns into a unicorn that goes around in circles after you click the sprite (Character(Penguin))

Then I made a program out of only 10 steps. The program is extremely simple, some of the bricks I don’t even know what they do. The program made the sprite move, say something then disappear from existence.

Week 9

Build a Band was our new project in scratch. I put in my sprites that varied from many different random things. Like hats, Unicorns and muffins.

Then i put in my sounds, which were automatically in the game.

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Week 1

Session 1

Today was the start of a new Design subject called tinkering. There are 2 things we do in tinkering; Makey Makey, and taking apart objects. But, we did Makey Makey anyway.

I was partnered up with a friend of mine. We were given no information about what we had, but just to figure out and experiment.

We were told to go onto the website and find some stuff out, we did, and found out that you could use Makey Makey as a game controller.

Some time passed, and We were given information about what some of the cords and things are, and what they do. We then take a picture of everything inside the Makey Makey box all together.

Session 2

We were told we could make anything we wanted. So we tried out the game controller and it actually worked. Then we found a game we could use it on, it was an old google secret that was celebrating the 3oth anniversary of Pacman. We got some footage and its on another computer.

Then we tried using dance mats to play a game on scratch. We first had to colour all of them in grey-lead because grey-lead contains electricity. It kinda worked but mostly didn’t Because the A4 paper we had wasn’t big enough along with countless other things.

Here is what it looked like all set up!

Your probably wondering how to make it work, well you first, clip one side of the alligator clip onto the arrow holes on the motherboard and clip the other side to the electricity source. Do that with the same number of clips as the same number of controls, then add one clip to the earth section and then hold the other in your hand by the metal bit.

Session 3

We have been thinking about what to make that will be used in makey makey. James, suggests a toothpick crane, we will make it out of match sticks and use hot glue to stick them together. We couldn’t get the glue anywhere except the art room.

We  Eventually were able to glue the base of the matchstick tower. It wasn’t that firm but it was enough for the day. It was a new record for James as he accidentally glued himself 5 times.

Session 4

Today we worked more on the matchstick tower. We ended up making the 1st story of the matchstick tower, James is having doubts of us going to finish it. But I remain hopeful of us making it through.

here is a photo of the matchstick tower.

Although we have a lot of more things to do, for now we have a pretty good matchstick tower for now. Things that we have used to build this far included; a lot of matchsticks andn a glue gun.

Session 5

We decided today that we are not going to finish the matchstick tower, and instead … make a whole new project, I thought we were fine with the matchstick tower but James thought otherwise. I went with the plan, which is by the way that we are going to make a 3D printout of a windmill and make it spin.

We used a special app called 3D builder, we selected windmill and there you had it, all we had to do now was wait until the windmill was built.

Session 6

today we finished making the 1st part of

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Session 2

Today we did spinners again, we had to spin model A, and B. A was easy as all of them were equal fifths,but model B was much harder! We eventually figured it out. On each spinner there is some Letters on each fraction of the spinners. B was half, C,D,E were all tenths and A was 1 fifth.

We then had to spin each spinner 40 times. We recorded it in our books. In model A, the winner was B, and the second one was C.

We then put our A model into the computer.

Session 3

I then put in model B into the computer. We then were told to make a spinner of our own. I made one and here it is!


The Mathematical probability of each one is 1 4th


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