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Robotics Term 3

Session 1

Today we started robotics again, the task was for the robot was follow a black curved line. after a few tries and errors we managed to finally get it to with help of some people. Here are a few videos of our robot following the line.

microworlds 1-1v4asj5

Here are also some screen snips of the program.

Locky P Term 3 Program 2 Screenshot 1-1mpe2k1

Session 2

Today we were to make another program…a line program. We had to draw our own program in our visual planners. Unfortunately I didn’t have much charge in my computer so I could not even turn it on. The next time I couldn’t because Mrs Watson was checking a writing piece. I could pick any robot I could so I picked robot number 13. It was an unlucky robot, all its things were on backwards, and there all the cords were back to front. When Mr Colbert tried to fix it, it took ages. Even when he was done it was only part of what we had to do. Which was to make a line program using the colour sensor that then touches something with the touch sensor. The next thing I have to do is to make the rest of the program using the touch sensor and some other block codes.

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Scratch-Debug it!

Debug it!

This was a scratch project. So what we had to do,was to search up Debug it into the search bar. This was a little bit tricky because there was so many remixes of it. I started with no. 1 (1.1) because it was the first one. So the problem was that Scratch cat (the main character) was having a dance party with another sprite (the character). But there was a problem, the other sprite didn’t dance. So what we had to do was add an event block, which started the program to the other sprite. Here are a few snips of what it was like.

Session 2

Today we did a Debug it project again. This one was called Debug it 1.2.

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