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Investigating Friction

Today we were given a sheet about “investing friction”. Friction is the force that slows down a moving object. Friction comes into play when 2 surfaces come into contact with each. Our objective was to get our wooden cars (see Craft Power blog to know about them) on to different surfaces and see which surface the car got the most distance on.

The next day we made a graph. It was a graph to mark our distance. There was a table that shown our distances e.g on my wood chips my distance 2.5 metres AKA 2 metres and 50 centre metres. then we had to scanned it from the printer to my computer. Here is my photos.

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My Marathon Of Her Own Movie Maker project

Today we started making slides for our Marathon of her own project. We started like this Mrs Watson emailed us the slides with questions for our project which we could answer on a program called Publisher. All we had to do was add images to the slides , put them in movie maker and then record a Narration for each slide. For example on Slide 1 The question was What Is a Kafenion? I said that in the book it said “he took us to the Kafenion by Tram” stating that Baba ( the father) had taken them by Tram to a place. I also searched on Google. We didn’t need to put images on the ┬áthe first 2 slides because they were already done. Any way here is the end result of my Marathon of her own

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Sorting quadrilaterals

Today we had Mathematics. The activity we did was quadrilaterals.Quadrilaterals are 4-sided shapes that can be an irregular shape or a regular shape.What we had to do was sort out what shape was different or the same or neither of the 2.

What we had of use was 3 pieces of rope (to group the quadrilaterals), a laminated piece of paper with all the quadrilaterals (so that we can cut it out with scissors) and a sheet of paper with our tasks on it. Here are some photos that show me and my partner Ditch’s work!

We also had a glossary we made that had different mathematical words.


Congruent – Identical in form

Adjacent – Next to something

Opposite-Completely different

Parallel-Two lines that are congruent

Acute angle-An angle smaller than quarter of a turn

Obtuse angle-Bigger than a right angle but smaller than a straight angle

Reflex angle– Bigger than a straight angle

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Craft Power Incursion

Today year 5 had an incursion by this guy called Anotoni. He works for this company called Craft power! . Craft Power is an engineering company were every builds stuff out of wood ( like bunnings for example). Anyway we started by Anatoni telling us about trees but I already know about that because I was here last year ( which was environmental education) so I didn’t learn so much at that point. Then came the instructions,he told us about the different types of cars and stuff and then we were ready to build.

After a long session of making, we finally got a break. Then we added wheels and the engine and then we got to play around with the car.


During the making session I learned how to safely use a coping saw :

Image result for coping saw

So,the way you safely use it is with two hands grab the handle and put your piece of wood into the vice wind it up and start cutting P.S make sure that the piece of wood is in a low position.

I also learned how to make a car that works!

The challenges of this Incursion was that I had not actually done much a saw and vice so I was a beginner at woodworking although my dad does it quite a bit.

During this incursion i learned a lot. I really hope Anatoni will come back and teach us something new.



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