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this is my Cereal box Mar ball run design project. A Marble run is where you put a Marble in a box and you put track ( a type of material that you use to keep the marble running. The reason we need track is so that the track guides it down to the bottom. The aim of the project is to make the marble as slow as possible


Session 1

Today we started our design project. I was so excited because I had never done a design project before! we started off watching some YouTube then I finally was able to think of a seed (basically an idea) so we could have an idea of what our box was going to look like. The seed ended up looking like a normal marble roller but it was good enough though. here it is.


Session 2

Today we finally started building our marble run out of a cereal box. My box was made out of Kellogg’s cornflakes. I started by cutting out the parts of the cereal box I thought I didn’t need. I could not believe how easy it was. Then I realized my mistake, I had cut off the sides of my cereal box to make more track for my cereal box. THAT meant I had to use more sticky tape than I had wanted. we could only use 30 cm of sticky tape so that was a annoying.


Session 3

today I was glad to hear that we where going to be making a new box. I was glad because unfortunately I had recently lost

my cereal box. But I was ready to make a new seed as seen below.


My seed was a lot more detailed than the first. mine had a funnel, a good sticky tape keeping program, longer track and finally a loop around the outside.

The funnel was so that the marble would land in it so it would roll around and around which would make it slower.this worked because the way the cardboard was made was so it was curved so that gravity couldn’t bring it down and gravity was forced to make the marble go around and around and around. the sticky tape keeping program was made to keep me from wasting sticky tape. it was meant to work like this : I would cut out the a little hole in the side of the box and the put some track in the hole and then put the tiniest piece of sticky tape in the middle to hold it up, Hopefully the gravity would not be strong enough.


Session 4

Today I started building my 2nd cereal box. It was much better than I thought. After that I got my cereal box ( which was another cornflakes box ironically ) . once again I started cutting and was careful around the edges. this time I did not mess up. in the end it ended up being just as I wanted minus a loop around the cereal box.

Then i started filming after i had done about 25 shots i was ready to edit here are the many trials and errors of locky p’s marble run. I also have a picture of the cereal box itself and the marble roller version. Here they are!

Reflection of how it could of improved

I loved the marble run project because it was my first one and I couldn’t believe how well it went.

It wasn’t the worst or the best design in the class and i admit it could’ve gone better but I still liked it all the same.

It could’ve improved by the first design being a bit more complicated

and not loosing it even if you couldn’t see it.


But over all I was really impressed with everyone’s work including mine and I am going to say that design has probably been one of the best subjects this term. Well this time anyway.

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Roller Coaster Design Project

This is year 5’s new design project the ROLLER COASTER project.

Session 1


we started our new design project the roller coaster project. It started like this : our teachers told us we were going to make a new project. they told us it was going to be a Roller coaster project. The first thing we had to do was get our design book. then we had to draw a roller coaster and the physics of one. Some of the physics were gravity, friction and momentum. Gravity is  the force that brings objects down. in this case it brings  the marble down. Friction is what happens when 2 surfaces meet  and it slows the momentum down. Momentum is the force that builds up speed and if given the opportunity, will be faster than gravity itself. I have a photo of my design, and then a fin -lined version they are!










Session 3

Today we started designing our roller coaster. I was partnered up with 3 people. We started off me showing a member of my group my plan. He then wrote it down in his design book to show a collection of changes.

I was in charge of the taking photos and the other guys were in charge of constructing and collecting plans.

it was challenging work because  I know its hard

I have currently in possession a photo of our 1st plan and a couple of photos of our roller coaster construction plus a video






Session 4

Today we didn’t do much, and when I mean we I literally mean the whole class. All we really did was blog about Session 3 (above) so it wasn’t that eventful.

Session 5

Today we went back to building but I had hadnt  finished my blog posts so I had to help from a distance while my friends went on bullding.

Session 6

Today we continued building our roller coaster. and nothing really happened.

Session 7

Today we continued building our roller coaster. A member had left because he was away for the day. So that left us with only 1 members left for me to work with. Me and him discussed continuing our roller coaster. He wanted to decorate while I wanted the requirements needed (example  a loop).

Session 8

Today was the 2nd last day before our design project was finished. It wasn’t that eventful other than we continuing  our roller coaster.

Session 9

Today was the final day of design for the roller coaster. We started off by finishing our roller coaster, realising we had a few errors, we tried to fix them. First we realised that our loop was to big, so we tried to make it smaller but we then came to agree that that also had its own consequences too. We had had an run-in with a few kinks in the result of trying to make it smaller. Also we had another problem, there was too much friction when going up the big loop and gravity pulled down the marble, aaand we had the connector tubes that completely stopped the marble due to friction (again). And believe it or not we had another problem too. the connectors were tied around the structure of K’nex that held up the pipe. After a bit of a hassle we had conquered all other problems except 1…… G-Force. We ended up not having enough time to finish the roller but we learned a valuable thing. If You Try But Lose ……… Then Try Again.

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To play Addo you need: 1. a material you can write on e.g paper. 2. a pen or pencil or a texta or something you can write with. 3. you will need a game board (3×3). 4. lastly you will need 2 sets of number cards that go from 0 all the way up to 10 (face down). To win you need 3 numbers crossed out in a row (either horizontally,vertically or diagonally).

take turns to: 1. Write your numbers down on the game boards.

2. Shuffle the faced down cards.

3. Pick up 2 random cards.

4. Add them together.

5. Work it out.

6. See if you have the number.

7. if you do cross the number out, if you don’t leave the number blank.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 until somebody has won.

Is this a fair game:

This game does have a good chance of winning considering the choices you make. But never the less the highest chance you get is 10 which has a mathematical probability of 11 out of 120. Concluding that this indeed is an unfair game.

This is my ultimate game board:    


the numbers I have chose are 14,6,0,7,10,8,13,11 and 20.

I put 10 in the middle so that it would be able to do most of the combinations and the rest would fill up the board.  

I worked this out by learning that 10 had the most possibilities. I worked that out when we teamed up as a class and figured out that 10 had the most probabilities.

Will they always win?

I found out that Mine would not always win but it won most of the time.

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