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Planting Day/ National Tree Day

DSC_9168 DSC_9169On 29/7/16, the Year 4 Enviro students went on a 15 minute trip to the Geelong College foundation block. At the block we got a talk from John and Kerri about the different types of weeds of the block.

After that we did some planting, every 5-6 kids had to have an adult and then had to partner up with another person in your group. My adult helper was actually my teacher, Mrs Bartlett and my partner was Zephyr. After about half an hour Zephyr and I had planted 8  plants. Soon after we had something to eat. Pretty soon after that we had a game of tiggy. We then sat around the fire where we had a talk about different types of plants at the nursery. After that we drew some sketches of the place and I went close to the river.

I went with Zephyr and Nick. Finally after a long day we went back to school in our bus.

After a long day I thought that it was about time I was getting sleepy.


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