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Robotics Term 3

Session 1

Today we started robotics again, the task was for the robot was follow a black curved line. after a few tries and errors we managed to finally get it to with help of some people. Here are a few videos of our robot following the line.

microworlds 1-1v4asj5

Here are also some screen snips of the program.

Locky P Term 3 Program 2 Screenshot 1-1mpe2k1

Session 2

Today we were to make another program…a line program. We had to draw our own program in our visual planners. Unfortunately I didn’t have much charge in my computer so I could not even turn it on. The next time I couldn’t because Mrs Watson was checking a writing piece. I could pick any robot I could so I picked robot number 13. It was an unlucky robot, all its things were on backwards, and there all the cords were back to front. When Mr Colbert tried to fix it, it took ages. Even when he was done it was only part of what we had to do. Which was to make a line program using the colour sensor that then touches something with the touch sensor. The next thing I have to do is to make the rest of the program using the touch sensor and some other block codes.

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Scratch-Debug it!

Debug it!

This was a scratch project. So what we had to do,was to search up Debug it into the search bar. This was a little bit tricky because there was so many remixes of it. I started with no. 1 (1.1) because it was the first one. So the problem was that Scratch cat (the main character) was having a dance party with another sprite (the character). But there was a problem, the other sprite didn’t dance. So what we had to do was add an event block, which started the program to the other sprite. Here are a few snips of what it was like.Debug it 1.1-29sydw4

Debug it 1.1 soloution-rvut7r

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Colouring In Fraction

Today we got a fraction wall sheet and partnered up with a partner. My Partner was Ditch [ He was also the guy holding the Camera].


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Allegro Day!

Today Year 5 went Keith Humble Centre to have a Concert. We had been building up to this for the past Semester!

We had been practising hard for the concert. We played our flutes. Lots of people came.

Overall I was glad to play in my first flute concert.

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Session 3

Today we built our Initials for Microworlds. Mine are L,N,P. The P was probably the most hardest because it had a curve to make. As you can see I had a little bit of trouble finding the space.

microworlds 1-1v4asj5

This is a link to an image of microworlds.

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Kites Investigation

Today in math we did a investigation about kites. Here’s what we found out. Enjoy!

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Mt Rothwell interpretation Centre

On Thursday last week Year 4 went on a big excursion to mount rothwell interpretation (about 45 minutes away) . before the trip we were separated into 2 groups. Group  1 and Group 2

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Last Tuesday year 4 went on a Excursion to the Ventors/Ross Georges farm. This was most Likely my favorite farm excursion of  all time

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What I am Learning about Me and My Place

The watherong people lived here about 200 years  ago. They were experienced in seeing more plants than people. There life was a lot more harder. There entertainment most of the time had to be  social. I learnt that the history of my place was each getting a little more simpler. I have learnt that I come from Heidelberg hospital. I have learnt that  I have moved about 8 times! In the future I we would like to see people respecting each other and helping  each other. I have learnt that changes will always happen If not well there would be no space nothing would live nothing would happen nothing would exist! I also learnt that in the future we would be needing heaps of air like china buying air off Australia.


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On Friday Year 4 Enviro had a majestic feast and I took part of it.

We had to make something that included our pot to plate ingredient we grew which is a project we were working on that teaches us how to grow a vegetable, harvest it and then eat it. MDSCN0230ine was carrot and I made a carrot cake.

The ingredients were: olive oil to grease, 2 carrots, 1 cup of Self Raising flour, 1 half cup plain flour, 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda, 1 half teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 half cup of brown sugar, 3\4 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 half cup of golden syrup, 3 eggs and 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence.

This is how we make it

After that it made this:

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