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Green Screen

My Final Clinic

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Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphones are supposed to be wireless, but contrary to their name, they in fact do have wires.

After this we had to record a video of everyone coming from behind a tree and performing a tongue twister, we did not upload this to any computer.

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ShotGun Mics

My next Clinic was about a specific type of microphone that is called a ShotGun Mic.

After learning this my group and I went outside and made a video, Unfortunately we couldn’t get it onto any computer,(I don’t know why it didn’t work).

The Microphone we had was much smaller than any of anyone else.

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StoryBoards and StoryLists

This video explains Storyboards and Storylists.

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Adobe Premiere editing

Adobe Premiere is a editing program we are going to use in year 6.


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Zoom Camera

Zoom Cameras are a brand of cameras that we have in year 6

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Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music is about non Copyright Music.

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Audio Booths

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CamCorders and Camera Angles

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Presenting your Film

My Second Clinic, presenting your film was all about how to act in front of your audience.


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