Passion Project

This term for Passion Projects I’m planning on doing a video about some of my progress in ballet with a few dance steps and moves.

The first one is going to be improving my pointe. I think that my foot flexibility could be much better and that is why I have chosen this for my first step/stretch, I have already got a lot of stretches from a few of my dance teachers and the podiatrist that I had my pre pointe assessment with ( a pre point assessment is where they asses weather you are ready to get pointe shoes or not).

The second one is getting over on my block more while on pointe. this is something that I think, and my teachers think I need to work on, I have been told what helps with improving that and what I can do at home.

The last one I’m planning on doing is a dance move on pointe. being young to get pointe shoes and also only having got them pretty much just before term one of year 6 I do not want to be doing anything dangerous or injuring myself so we are talking to my dance teachers about what is safe and ok with them that I can work towards being able to do safely at around the end of the term.



Richard Turere’s TED Talk

Today in class we watched Richard Turere’s TED Talk.

Some things that I took away from Richard Turere’s TED Talk where that after one idea that doesn’t work you cant give; you have got to keep persisting, also that violence isn’t always the answer.

how he got is message across to the audience i thought was great because he balanced the right amount of humour and being serious, this i thought really helped because if he didn’t do that some of the audience might have not taken the important topic he was talking about seriously. his talking i thought was very clear especially seeing as he had quite a thick accent.

I liked how he used a lot of pictures to really help explain how bad the situation his community was having to deal with, also he didn’t look like he needed a script which is good because when you dont look confident it can sometimes distract the audience from what he is saying. his script structure i also thought was really good because he explained his story, what was happening and how he solved it.

i think Richard’s TED Talk was strong, informative and meaningful and he engaged with the audience really well as well, he got his message across to the audience and was clear while speaking. i think he did really well to state this important problem and show how he himself solved it.




Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Today in class we watched Thomas Suarez TED Talk. I think he engaged with the audience very well and he explained what he has done and why really well.

I took away a lot from his talk, I took away that not only is he trying to put out his ideas such as the apps he has created and his future goals, he has showed us that we can be like that as well if we want to.

I also really liked the way he got his message over to the audience, he added his own touch of humour, stated problems that he wanted to fix and asked us questions to keep us thinking.

I also liked his us of technical support, he memorised his script enough only to look down at his ipad once or twice witch also made his eye contact with the audience and how he engaged with the audience even better as well.

I think some of his presenting techniques were to make them laugh stay positive and to make sure he was completely clear not only with his speaking general but also with how he constructed his speech and his word choices.


Today in class we learnt about the acronym THINK.

.When using social media you should always refer back to this post, it helps you remember what to do and what not to do.

is it true?, I believe that you need to think about ‘is it true?’ because first of all if it’s not its not relevant and second of all it could really hurt the person your talking about’s feelings, it could also start rumours witch in most most cases its not positive or helpful.

is it helpful?, when things are helpful they make people feel nice about how you care and are willing to help.

is it inspiring?, when something is inspiring to others it means there interested in what you have stated or what you are stating. Inspiring people is good because it motivates people to do what they like and it means that they are thinking positively about you.

N is it necessary?, if you are posting/stating something that is not necessary  for example, a rant, it can ruin peoples attitude towards you and it can make then feel annoyed especially if that person was in a good mood.

K is it kind?, being kind is much more easier and better than being mean, it not only puts you in a good mood but it also put all your surroundings in a good mood.

Although i love all these words for the acronym THINK, I also think that these words would really suit with those letters as well….

T : is it true? 

H : is it helpful? is it harmful? 

I : is it inspiring? is it inappropriate? is it irresponsible? is it irrelevant? 

N : is it necessary? is it negative? is it nice?

K : is it kind? 




Green Screen

Today in film school I did the Green Screen clinic. I learnt a lot of things like….

  •  How to change backgrounds.
  • How to insert text boxes.
  • How to make the sound louder and softer.

Please watch my video blog for more….

Here is my final film….


Green Screen Clinic-wqje00


Royalty Free Music

Today in film school I did the Royalty Free Music clinic. I learnt a lot of things like…

  • How you need to be careful when using music.
  • What a good website is to find royalty free music.
  • And what sometimes happens if you don’t be careful when your using music.

Please watch my video blog for more….


Here is a piece of music I found and thought was suitable for Wonder….

I had trouble getting them onto my blog but here is the name and what page it is on on Bensound.

Sad Day- page 8.

Here is a piece of music I found and thought was suitable for IT….

I had trouble getting them onto my blog but here is the name and what page it is on on Bensound.

Creepy- page 5.

Here is a piece of music I found and thought was suitable for Titanic….

Ofelia’s dream- page 8.








Wireless Microphones

Today in film school I did the Wireless Microphones clinic. Here are some tips I learnt

  • For the microphones some good technique is to have it just under your chin so its not covering your face at all.
  • For the lapel microphone you can clip the transmitter to somewhere where you cant see it like your belt (on the side that’s not facing the audience/camera), or your pocket (on the side that’s not facing the audience/camera).

Please watch my video blogs for more….

Adobe Premiere

Today in film school I did the Adobe Premiere clinic. I learnt so many things like how to make small clips, insert text boxes, add background music and many more things.

Please watch my video blog for more….

Here is my final film….