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Hi everyone 3

In year 6 all of the year 6’s are making a film on a endangered animal. We had from the SOS10. The SOS10 is 10 endangered animals. I chose the gorilla because I really like gorillas and how they are just like us. My first draft was not that good so I added the feedback and now I think my film is much better here is what people think of my film.

I liked the music and the footage in the film that you took. I also liked the fact that you used Harambe in your film. Harry Sadler

the music is good and i like the footage-Noah:)

I really liked your facts, they were very interesting. The music was cool too. -Emily
Tom-The footage is really good and the message is strong.

I liked your edited skills with the reverse – Sam

Your footage is really great. I love how you start off with just music. Your voice overs are really clear. I like the music. I liked the footage of the gorilla (I don’t know the name!). It was so sad. You really made me connect- Emmy

I really enjoy how you had long pauses inbetween voice overs and i enjoy how you added recent avents like Harambe. There was three minutes of black screen at the end.

Your footage was really good. Your voice was really clear. I like how you used the rewind effect – GusH

Your voice overs are nice and I liked the music also the footage was great. – Nick

Great footage. Your voice-overs are good. I like the music. Good job – Steven

Thanks For Reading!


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