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Hi everyone

As you might know i am doing my passion project on mounting biking. WhImage result for mountain bike trackat exactly well tips and tricks. Some successes I have had is finding a good angle getting the jump first try. I am still trying to record but so far I have done good. Some challenges I have come across are Losing my footage (Done that once) And losing battery in my drone and camera. I got a second battery for both my drone and camera. Thanks for reading!

Whats the plan

captureHi everyone

As you might know I am doing a passion project on tips and tricks for mountain biking. I have prepared my drone and my Go-pro. I have got some tripod setups and some Go-Pro straps. I am prepared and recording soon. I have included some crane shots and some long shots I also have some close ups some extreme close ups and a mid shot. Most of these I have added because they will suit my film.

My next step is going to be filming because its the only time I have because of the weather. Thanks for reading.

Whats going to happen?

Hi everyone Image result for mountain biking

Yay! We get to do our term four passion projects.

I have been planning for two weeks and I finally know what I am going to do. I am going to work with Harry Sadler and do Tips & Tricks for Mountain Biking.

I am excited to do this because I want people to get around sharp turns quickly and safely and do jumps much easily without falling off. The message will be “Be Adventurous”.

My project is perfect for people who like to get outside and try new things on skateboards, bikes, scooters and anything else.  And with the weather getting nicer and coming into summer, I would like to encourage people to get outside.

I am really looking forward to rehearsing, practicing and filming my passion project because I love to ride my bike.  I am keen to get back into it because lately it’s been raining….a lot! I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading.

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