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Hi everyone

As you might know we have been making promo films. Our goal was to make it by kids for kids. We wrote down some locations were we could film and every class got different locations. We went to Balyang sanctuary, Leisure link, Bike track and the playground.  My partner was Isaac from 6B Alice and Bailey from 6A And Noah and Matthew from 6C.

On the day we filmed first at Balyang Sanctuary and walked up to the bike park. We recorded A lot at the bike park I used my (Terrible) drone and got some ok shots the camera was really bad. we had a lot of fun anyway.

When we started editing we had usb’s with our group  number on them our group was 4. We had to have 30 second of every place in your film.

I got really good feedback first then I got bad feedback on my second.

I implied my feedback and it turned out really good.

1 Thought.

  1. Well done Owen, your film is good! I really like the music that you have chosen to reflect the mood of your film. You have included great use of the drone and go pro footage. Your film also has a good structure. There was too much time spent on one scene of footage at times, so short snappy footage would have worked better to fit in the element of ‘fun’ for kids in Geelong. Good work!

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