The End Is Here!

Yay! I have completed my Passion Project.Image result for Complete

Hi Everyone

I am pretty excited that I have completed my Passion Project 🙂

It turned out pretty good overall but it was not as I planned. I think that I clearly explained how to solve a Rubik’s Cube but this took a lot of retakes, practice, editing, fine tuning and practice, practice, practice.

My one area I could have done more work on is to do a better job at explaining how to solve the bottom layer better a bit better but my camera went flat and I was on a deadline. You can still get an idea, but looking back it could have been better.

I have learned a bit more about using Corel and I am more confident using editing techniques. I have also learned (from trial and error) that half of the time you saw the back of the cube which I didn’t think about until after doing the video.  I could have fixed this if I had some better editing techniques with some better angles whilst filming in my Passion Project.

Overall, I think for my second Passion Project I am getting the hang of filming and editing so by the third project I should be a BOSS ; )

Thanks for reading.




10 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Owen, I think your idea is really original, and quite different. The music really suited the mood I think you were going for, but sometimes your voice drowned out. Other than that, good job!
    Thanks, Abbi

  2. Hi Owen,
    I like the music you chose, I think it really suited your film.
    I found it a bit hard to hear what you were saying, unfortunately, because the music was a bit too loud.
    Good Job!

  3. Well done Owen, I have allways wanted to learn how do solve a rubix cube. But maybe have voice overs and make the music more quiet.

  4. I just wanted to say what a magnificent job of your Passion Project you have done this term. It is evident that you spent a lot of time perfecting your planning as your final product is precise, fluent and well edited. I really like your use of different camera angles and also your timelapse effect in the beginning of your film. Well done! Your film has a clear message for your audience!! 

    Well done on your excellent work Owen! I can’t wait to see what you do next term. 

  5. Good job Owen on your passion project I really like how you have done it on Rubik cube. But I think you could have used a better quality camera

  6. Hi Owen,
    What a great film. I love the uniqueness of the idea. it is a problem that many people struggle with. Sometimes you could see your computers keyboard which was not effective. Well Done!

    Thanks Jasi

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