Year 11 and 12 art expo

On Thursday the whole of year 5 went on the bus to the year 11 and 12 art expo. When we arrived we where showed 2 pieces of art one was a family remembrance so it had stuff to remember family members.

the other was of a person that went to war and he went to Geelong collage it had his uniform and the box of his things so it was really cool. There was some videos that people made. The coolest one was the one where he was skilling with the soccer ball I liked the cow chair and it had the skin and the horns so that was the coolest chair I have ever seen.

It was really cool at the art expo because there was three story’s of art and awesome web sights and videos.IMG_0706 IMG_0710

Scratch animation

Today in scratch I was working on my animation. It is of a guy scoring a goal and then back flipping for the celebratioGoaln. It is going well so far and I will work on it more at home and later on in the term. I had to get the animation off the internet so that is how he backflips. I put a Barcelona logo on it because it is my favourite team in soccer. I need to work on the ball and the right timing for him to say goal. And I need the ball to go in the goal by him kicking it. It will take some time but I will probably get it. I will make it so it will go for about a minute but I will try to get stuff off the internet to help me. I think I will get my three things to make in scratch done by this term.

The big thing #3

WIN_20151022_130432Today we did the big thing and Lukas was here and we all got a lot of work done. First we looked at the plan and started to build then Jackson came along and asked if he could help. We let him build what he wanted at first then we found something he wanted to do.

We asked if he wanted to build a bit for our plan he did help and build a little platform so it can stop the marble and make it move on. After that he went off to do something.

Then me and harry started to build some cogs so the marble can go from cog to cog. While Lukas was going to get the Lego me and Harry where talking about what we can edit we found nothing to edit to we messed around and build some random things.

After we went to show our photo copied plan and find some people that had a plan like ours and put them together I don’t know who we got because Lukas went up to show the plan. After we started to do this blog post.

the big thing part 2

WIN_20151022_130432Today we did the big thing Lukas was not here today so it was just me and Harry Santa. We started to edit our plan after that we went to photo copy it then print it. After that we put our names on it and then started this blog post. After we had to show our printed one to show a teacher and our actual plan to a different teacher to take a photo of it.





































My hopes for scratch

scratch 1999My hopes for scratch are to learn how to make a animated game. i would also like to try to make a soccer game that includes actual players. Also I would like to make a really big maze and if you touch the side you will go back to the start. I think I will be able to make them in scratch. I can get animations off the internet and websites and get ideas of youtube or games I have already played.


The Big Thing

Today in robotics we had to draw a design of what marble roller, Rube Goldberg etc. I did a Rube Goldberg it wasn’t going well at the start so I started to modify it and it looked better and easy to make. I was in a group with Lucas and Harry Santa.

We all showed each other our design we all agreed on Lucas’s design it was good and looked easy to make to we went with that we showed the teacher and he said it was good just to go over it with fine liner so we did.

We showed the teacher again and we went to go photocopy it we did and got it emailed to Lucas it was really good after we went to do this blog post my computer was flat at the time so I did it at home but I really like this design subject.


CaptureOn scratch I have been working on a little car game. You have to get past trucks, if a truck touches you, you will restart so you have to get past and touch the red square to win.

It has been having some glitches lately which I need to fix. We had our scratch games on display for the carnival we had people come in and give 1 dollar to play someone’s game. After the carnival we had to evaluate peoples games and write what feed back they gave you.

I had I like this game but I think you could of done better with the controls besides that it was a great game also I had more levels and the last one was more levels and harder levels. I reckon I should put more levels and make them harder because it is really easy but people think it was a grate game so I should make it better. My goal for scratch was to make a good game that works and dose not have any glitches I have achieved it I have fixed all the glitches and bugs so it works well.


barrleOn the holidays I went surfing with my brother my dad and my brothers friend Leo. We ran into some friends from my old school. The waves where really big and I got caught under a barrel. A barrel is a wave that curves over it was really cool that I went under it. My dad and I got the same wave together then me Theo and Leo try to get the biggest wave we can. I was the one who got the biggest wave it wasn’t that big bit it was about 3 to 4 foot we had rules like you can only go belly high in the water so we didn’t get too big we had a grate day we stayed for about 3 hours.

make a whole

Today in maths we played a game called make a whole you had purple and red cards the cards had fractions on them and you had to make them with wooden sticks the fraction I got the most was 1 tenth which was the smallest you could get.

Xavier and I where partners and he won 1 and I won 2 games it was a grate game I learnt how to measure a written fraction and then find it in the rod there where different sized rods in the cards there was not a one whole because that would be unfair but there was a one half and some other ones like that.

It was a grate game I hope we can play it again

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