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Fays Nines

6C have just finished a task called fays nines. fays nines is a fun game to play where you have numbers from 1 to nine and you have to place them in a 3×3 grid. each vertical row had to… Continue Reading →


This terms passion project was a little bit different then the last ones we did. we have to make something for someone else. that could be a friend, family member, etc. i am going to make an item from my… Continue Reading →


i originally wanted to recreate movie trailers on fortnite but has my like for fortnite tiptoed away from me i started to think differently. i found a new game named Counter Strike and i wanted to change my idea and… Continue Reading →

RVE country report

for the past couple of weeks year 6 have been studying a country while answering a couple questions. i did Mexico and i found a few differences with Australia and Mexico. different special foods different celebrations over 100 million more… Continue Reading →

building views

the past few maths sessions 6C has been working on building views. building views is a fun project where you get given a front, left, right or back view and you have to try and figure out what the amount… Continue Reading →

the lost princess

today we watched a film that was called the lost princess. it is about being safe online and not getting addicted. the character i chose is called Kieran. the film was a true story but the actors weren’t real people…. Continue Reading →


#update 2

so far i have achieved getting a few scenes and edited a little bit but i am not done. i learnt new things about the editing software and programs i used. the successes i have had were that i knew… Continue Reading →


for this terms passion project i wanted to recreate movie trailers in the game fortnite. me and my friends are wanting to enter a similar idea into screen it. i want to learn how to use the fortnite replay mode…. Continue Reading →

DC cartoons

today we had another DC lesson. we were shown three photos that were funny when you didn’t think about the message. the photo i have chosen is funny to start with because what the woman is saying is giggle worthy…. Continue Reading →

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