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#update 2

so far i have achieved getting a few scenes and edited a little bit but i am not done. i learnt new things about the editing software and programs i used. the successes i have had were that i knew… Continue Reading →


for this terms passion project i wanted to recreate movie trailers in the game fortnite. me and my friends are wanting to enter a similar idea into screen it. i want to learn how to use the fortnite replay mode…. Continue Reading →

DC cartoons

today we had another DC lesson. we were shown three photos that were funny when you didn’t think about the message. the photo i have chosen is funny to start with because what the woman is saying is giggle worthy…. Continue Reading →

Win At The Fair

For this weeks project maths sessions we have been playing Win At The Fair. win at the fair is a fun game where we have to find a way to win in the perspective of the employee. we had to… Continue Reading →

digital etiquette

NETIQUETTE netiquette is a shortened version of digital etiquektte and its also saying etiquette on the net. FLAMING/FLAMEWARS A flame-war is when people say mean things to each other back and fourth until one of them feels sad. TROLLS a… Continue Reading →

digital citizenship

today we learnt about digital citizenship and mostly about a certain photo. the photo is of an acronym saying THINK. T means is it true. you shouldn’t text something if its not true because if its a lie it can… Continue Reading →


so far i have gathered all the things i need to make my VR base-plate. all i really need is card board and a pair of lenses. i haven’t learnt anything so far but i might later on in the… Continue Reading →


for my passion project I will be making a VR base for phones. I chose this because recently I have been wanting a VR so I decided now would be the best time to make one. VR stands for virtual… Continue Reading →

Birke Baehr TED Talk

Some of the main messages for birke’s TED talk was that you should be eating healthy and pure foods instead of having the risk of getting really sick from food with chemicals in it and you would rather be paying… Continue Reading →

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