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Dance Studio Today we stated Scratch. We got given a challenge to make a character dance. It sounded hard but it was a lot easier then I thought. first I got three photos of a cartoon penguin. Then I had to find some… Continue Reading →


Today half of year 5 went to do Lego robotics and the other half did scratch. In robotics we got a challenge to make the robot follow a strait line. At first a lot of my programs didn’t work. Then… Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg

session 1 Today we started to design our Rube Goldberg machines. they put us in groups of three. We had to have a detailed design and we had to go over it with fine liner. after that we all had to… Continue Reading →


Today we started on MicroWorlds. I created a some really cool shapes. we got given a task to make our initials in microworlds. I did the H but I haven’t done the T. I am also finding a way to do… Continue Reading →

simple machines

session 1 (pullies) I wasn’t there session 2 (Lego simple machines) Today was so much fun! We made Lego simple machines in small groups of 2 or 3. My group got number seven to build which was really cool. Number seven… Continue Reading →

Robot Investigation

What Is a Robot? a robot is a computer programed machine that can many tasks that humans cant do. they don’t need food, water or breaks when they work. sometimes people use them to find new planets in space. What is… Continue Reading →

angles investigation

Today year 5 played math games having to do with angles. I learnt how to use measure angles with a protractor and we also learnt the measurements of some angles.

Sorting Quadrilaterals

Glossary Congruent: The same in every way Adjacent: 2 sides that are touching Opposite: When they are on 2 different sides. Parallel: 2 sides that will never get closer or further apart Acute angle: Smaller then 90 degrees Obtuse angle:… Continue Reading →


Everyone in 5C have been playing a game in maths called Addo. Addo is a game where you play with a partner and have a 3 by 3 grid and write 9 different numbers from 1 to 20. Then you or your… Continue Reading →

Roller Coasters

  Today we had to design a roller coaster. Before we started our design we watched a video explaining how roller coasters work. After we finished watching the video, we then had to design our roller coasters and we had to use technical words to describe different… Continue Reading →

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