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so far i have gathered all the things i need to make my VR base-plate. all i really need is card board and a pair of lenses. i haven’t learnt anything so far but i might later on in the… Continue Reading →


for my passion project I will be making a VR base for phones. I chose this because recently I have been wanting a VR so I decided now would be the best time to make one. VR stands for virtual… Continue Reading →

Birke Baehr TED Talk

Some of the main messages for birke’s TED talk was that you should be eating healthy and pure foods instead of having the risk of getting really sick from food with chemicals in it and you would rather be paying… Continue Reading →

Richard Turere TED Talk

The message that I took away from this TED talk was that you don’t have to kill animals to stop them from killing. If you make something small you can get something HUGE. He had a topic that a lot… Continue Reading →

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

The main messages were that even if you are a child you can do as much as an adult. A lot of kids these days are wanting to make games instead of just playing them. Thomas got the message across… Continue Reading →

Green Screen

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